Improve the method of backlighting during monitoring and use

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When we install infrared cameras, we often encounter backlighting. So what methods and measures will we take to improve this situation? For example, when we install an infrared camera at the outlet of the outlet, the biggest problem is that the backlight is installed on the monitor screen due to improper installation position of the camera. In this regard, the author believes that there are three ways to improve it: one is in the installation position. Try to avoid direct sunlight; second, choose a camera with corresponding improvement function; third, reduce the contrast with outdoor light by increasing the illumination of the indoor light source.


(1) By adjusting the installation position, improving the backlighting phenomenon, by adjusting the installation position of the entrance and exit cameras, and avoiding direct sunlight from the outside, it can greatly improve the backlighting of the entrance and exit. For example, Shanghai Huating Hotel has two sides on the entrance and exit of the hall. A camera is installed to monitor the entry and exit personnel; ICBC Shanghai Branch will monitor the camera of the entrance and exit, so that the lens of the infrared camera is facing the person who walks out of the outlet (in the case of serious backlighting, the installation method is better than the camera Installation of the entrance and exit, the effect is better, but it should be noted that if the above flip method is adopted, for more than two entrances and exits on one outlet, the installation direction of the camera should be the same, otherwise there will be a protection loophole). They all solve the problem of backlighting better. There are many outlets now, the business hall is not large in size, and some entrances and exits are cash counter areas. There are not many locations for camera installation. In this case, we need to pay attention to solve the installation location problem and try to avoid The camera is installed at the entrance and exit. We say that the camera is installed at the entrance. It does not specify which position the camera for monitoring the entrance and exit must be installed. It should be important to see the effect and see the physical quality.

(2) Improving the backlighting effect by selecting a camera with corresponding functions Selecting a hyperdynamic camera or a camera with background compensation function is also a method to improve the backlighting phenomenon of the entrance and exit. The general infrared camera has AGC (automatic gain control) function, that is, the strong and weak signals automatically increase the internal amplification gain of the camera, and the strong signal automatically reduces the internal amplifier gain of the camera, so that the final output signal does not change substantially with the change of the input signal. The output signal amplitude remains basically the same, but the automatic adjustment function of the general camera is limited. Once a strong signal (such as a strong backlight) occurs, the amplifier is saturated. There is no automatic adjustment function, and a white spot with blurred edges (backlighting phenomenon) appears on the monitor screen. The super dynamic camera automatically adjusts to a larger range than a normal camera. We can feel through practice that when a target object with a rich picture level appears in the scene, when the target object is taken by an ordinary camera, the obtained picture has many levels, so the problem of backlighting with a large contrast of the super-motion camera is selected. Can also play a certain improvement role. The backlighting phenomenon at the entrance and exit is often a very bright background and a very dark foreground target in the scene, and the position of the background and the target remains basically unchanged. The camera with BLC function (backlight compensation function) can be used only. An area is averaged to determine the AGC operating point. If the foreground target is located in the area, the clarity of the foreground target is expected to increase.

(3) Improve the backlighting effect by improving the illumination of the indoor light source; improving the illumination of the indoor light source is also a way to improve the backlighting phenomenon, and the image appears to have a backlight phenomenon, which is mainly caused by the contrast of the light intensity of the field of view. The camera installed at the entrance and exit has strong outdoor light in the monitoring range, and the indoor light is weak, which forms a black-and-white contrast of the image. Thus, if the illuminance of the indoor light source is increased, the indoor light is enhanced. Reducing the contrast with the outside light can also improve the backlighting phenomenon. Improve or reduce the backlighting of entrances and exits, and some other auxiliary methods, such as laying some carpets on the ground, preventing the reflection of ground light, windows in the vicinity of the entrance and exit, and directing sunlight through curtains, etc., all help to improve the backlighting phenomenon. Methods. The backlighting phenomenon at the entrance and exit is a prominent problem, and the solution to this problem has not yet found one of the most thorough and effective methods.

The three methods described above have a certain effect on the improvement of backlighting when installing an infrared camera, and it is necessary to integrate them.

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