Introduction to the six characteristics of fingerprint recognition

[ Huaqiang Security Network News ] Fingerprint recognition has six characteristics. In a general sense, two types of fingerprints can be defined to verify fingerprints: general features and local features. The overall features are those that can be observed directly by the human eye. Characteristics. it includes:
Fingerprint recognition
1, the basic pattern <br> Common fingerprint patterns are ring type, bow type, spiral type, other fingerprint patterns are based on these three basic patterns, just a rough classification, relying only on the pattern type to distinguish fingerprints is far Not enough, but classification can make it easier to find fingerprints in large databases.
2, the pattern area (Pattern Area)
The pattern area is an area containing the pattern features, that is, from the pattern area, it is possible to distinguish which type of fingerprint belongs to.
3, the core point (Core Point)
The core point is located at the progressive center of the fingerprint pattern and is used to read the fingerprint and the reference point when comparing the fingerprints.
4, triangle point (Delta)
The triangle point is located at the first bifurcation or breakpoint from the core point, or the convergence of the two stripe roads, isolated points, turns, or points to these singular points. The triangle points provide the beginning of the counting and tracking of the fingerprint lines.
5, type line (Type Lines)
The pattern line is the cross-grain that appears at the beginning of the line of the fingerprint enclosing mode area. The pattern line is usually interrupted shortly, but its outer line begins to extend continuously.
6, the number of lines (Riding Count)
The number of lines refers to the number of fingerprint lines in the pattern area. When calculating the number of fingerprints, the core point and the triangle point are generally connected first, and the number of intersections of the line and the fingerprint pattern can be regarded as the number of fingerprints.

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