Nike launches special zipper for disabled sports shoes without hands

Nike, as the most representative manufacturer in the field of clothing and sports shoes, has never been afraid to try new technologies. The latest example is Nike's new Zoom Soldier 8 series of sneakers designed for people with disabilities, such as amputees or special people with strokes and cerebral palsy. The Zoom Soldier 8 uses a technology called Flyease, which is designed with a special zipper mechanism that makes it easier for people with disabilities to put on their shoes without the help of others. You don't need your hands to wear these sneakers. You can open the sneaker's lock with one hand and put it on and fix it.

According to a report from Fast Company, Nike began developing the system seven years ago, and CEO Mark Parker specifically asked the director of innovative design to design sneakers for employees who lost their right hand or stroke. Although Flyease technology has been released, Nike will continue to research and improve this mechanism. "We know we can continue to make progress," Tobie Hatfield said. "But our progress is much faster than we think."

It is reported that this Soldier 8 series sneakers will be launched on July 16 and will be of greater help to consumers with physical disabilities or mobility problems.

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