How can we better distinguish between pesticide phytotoxicity and disease symptoms?

In recent years, with the rapid development of pesticides, pesticides in crop planting process, plant stunted, wilt or death and other symptoms becoming more and more important. In the end, whether it is the use of pesticides or natural diseases, how can we enhance user awareness and correctly identify pesticides and diseases?
1. The difference between spot-type phytotoxicity and physiological disease The spot-type phytotoxicity is often irregularly distributed on the plant, and the whole field is also light and heavy. The physiological disease is usually common, and the symptoms of the plant are more consistent. Spot-type phytotoxicity and fungal phytotoxicity are also different. The former has a large change in spot size and shape; the latter has a disease center and the spot shape is relatively uniform.
2, yellowing type of phytotoxicity and deficiency of yellowing disease, the yellowing caused by phytotoxicity often develops from yellow leaves into dead leaves, sunny weather, yellowing occurs quickly; lack of nutrients appear yellowing, rainy Days, yellowing is slow, and yellowing is often related to soil fertility and fertilization levels, and consistent in the field of yellow seedlings. Compared with the yellowing caused by the virus, the yellow leaves of the latter often have broken green and strong performance, and the diseased plants show systemic diseases, and the diseased plants are mixed with healthy plants.
3, the difference between malformed phytotoxicity and viral disease deformity caused by malnutrition is common, local symptoms on the plant; viral disease caused by abnormalities often sporadic, often mixed with broken green, bright veins, wrinkles Leaves and other symptoms.
4, the phytotoxicity withered and the infective disease withered wilt disease caused by the wilting no disease center, and most of the process is slow, first yellowing, post-dead strain, rhizome dredge tissue without browning; caused by infectious diseases Most of the withering is to block the tissue obstruction. When the sunlight is sufficient and the evaporation is large, the first wilting occurs, and then the green dead plants are lost. The root catheter often has browning.
5, the slowness of phytotoxicity and the difference between the physiological disease of the stiffness and deficiency of phytotoxicity caused by phytotoxicity often accompanied by symptoms of plaque or other phytotoxicity, while physiological poisoning is characterized by poor root growth, lack of The symptoms of stiffness are yellow or dark green.
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