How to identify environmentally friendly magnetic rings

In the future, what products are going to environmental protection, of course, the magnetic ring is no exception, environmental protection also refers to lead-free, as long as the ingredients and ingredients do not exceed the standard, can be called environmentally friendly products, but electronic materials are not so serious lead, if If it is a chemical industry, it is very important. The chemical industry itself is harmful to the human body. Even if it is lead-free chemical industry, it is bad smell. Therefore, the magnetic ring is actually no smell, in order to know specifically it is not environmentally friendly, these are to pass technical appraisal, can we know whether it is environmental protection magnetic ring.

In fact, it is impossible to know with the naked eye whether or not the magnetic ring is environmentally friendly, but simple identification can be made, and whether or not the magnetic ring has a bright appearance and whether or not the characteristics are good is performed in many aspects. In order to analyze whether the magnetic ring is environmentally friendly, here is a brief analysis for everyone. We also hope that everyone will pay more attention to and understand the environmental protection magnetic ring.

1. Appearance is an indispensable step, usually the appearance of the environmental magnetic ring is relatively bright, without dust, water stains, gaps and cracks, and the operating frequency is very good;

2. The quality and environmental protection of the magnetic ring, of course, the characteristics are also very high, because most of the production of environmentally friendly raw materials, its hardness is also invincible, people who understand the magnetic ring, hand to touch, feeling different;

3. In terms of price, environmental protection is usually higher than that of ordinary magnetic rings. It must be known to everyone that a penny, a cheap, low-cost magnetic ring must have its differences, not to mention the use of environmental protection. Material production;

4. Whether the density of the magnetic ring is appreciable is relatively easy to analyze on this issue. It is not environmentally friendly. If the appearance has particles or poor density, the recycled materials are usually used. The recycled magnetic ring is not environmentally friendly. Everybody can imagine;

5 magnetic ring test environmental protection information, and now almost every manufacturer is inseparable from it, but still a small part will be forged, by changing the company name and other methods, in this analysis is not an environmental magnetic ring test report, these can only be detected Companies, to identify, to identify.

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