Overview of the distribution and development of major mahogany furniture industry bases nationwide

Overview: Dayong Hongmu furniture industry has been developing for more than 30 years. Since the development in the 1970s, Dayong has formed a cluster of mahogany furniture industry with “Sanlin Wanli, Red Art, and a global reputation”. Rich in characteristics, deeply loved by consumers at home and abroad, it has always occupied a large share of the national mahogany furniture market, and is known as “the professional town of Chinese mahogany furniture production” and “the hometown of Chinese mahogany carving art”. In 2008, the “Dark and expensive hardwood furniture standard” drafted and revised by the Dayong Hongmu Furniture Association was officially approved by the National Development and Reform Commission, and Da Yong became the benchmark of the industry. The Dayong Redwood Furniture Fair held in March every year has also become an important annual event for the entire mahogany furniture industry.

Market: The main mahogany market in Dayong is located in Dahong Hongmu Street, which is the main part of “Zhongshan Redwood Furniture Ten Miles Promenade”; Dayong Hongmu Furniture Craft City in Kwai Lung Road, Tai Chung Town was officially completed in March this year. Formed a new major sales market for the company. In addition, the Dayong Hongmu Furniture Expo Center is also under construction.

Famous enterprises: Hongfa, Hongguxuan, Xuanhongfang, Dongcheng, Hexing Qidianju, wise royalties, Huachengxuan, Tailong Mantanghong

Zhongshan Shaxi: Dedicated to building the country's largest professional market for mahogany furniture

Overview: Shaxi Town's mahogany furniture industry started in the early 1990s and has developed rapidly in the past 10 years. At present, there are more than 170 sales and production enterprises of mahogany furniture in Shaxi Town, of which 89% of mahogany furniture enterprises have their own manufacturers. In recent years, Shaxi Town has not only become a distribution center for mahogany furniture, but also gradually developed its own advantages in production. Longdu Redwood Furniture Expo Center was originally called Longdu Furniture City. It opened in 2000. After 10 years of development, the market has gradually formed a business pattern of operating mahogany furniture and Ming and Qing classical furniture. The products have certain market popularity. . The Yongkang Road section of Xinyi Road, which is bordered by Dayong Town, forms a mahogany furniture street with the “former shop and back factory” as the main form, and is an important part of “Zhongshan City Redwood Furniture Ten Miles Gallery”.

Market: Shaxi Town's mahogany furniture enterprises are mainly distributed in the Longdu Hongmu Furniture Expo Center, the Xinyong Road Quyong Road section (including the Longdu Redwood Furniture Business Center) and the Shuixi Road section. The sales outlets are mainly distributed in the Longdu Hongmu Furniture Expo Center and the shops on both sides of the Yongchao Road section of Xinyi Road (including the Longdu Redwood Furniture Business Center). The manufacturers are mainly distributed in the Yongkang Road Section and the Shuixi Road Section of Xinyi Road. In addition, the Longdu Redwood Furniture Business Center under construction is also located in Xinyi Road.

Famous enterprises: Boji, Hong Denglong, Zhongfei, Zimuxuan, Shuyuxuan, Hongyuntang, Ditiantai, Zhuangyuanfang

Taishan Dajiang: China's traditional furniture production professional town

Overview: Dajiang Town, Taishan City is known as the professional town of traditional Chinese furniture production and is the core base for the production of traditional furniture in the country. Dajiang's mahogany classical furniture industry does not have an advantage in scale compared with its peers, but it pays particular attention to the craftsmanship of the products. Many powerful mahogany furniture dealers hire professional craftsmen with high salaries to ensure the artistry of mahogany furniture. “Dajiang Traditional Furniture” is the intangible cultural heritage project of Taishan City. In 2009, it was successfully selected into the third intangible cultural heritage list of Guangdong Province, and is now moving towards the goal of the national intangible cultural heritage list. In Taishan, the hometown of overseas Chinese, “Dajiang Traditional Furniture” has gradually become a “business card” that Taishan people are proud of.

Market: Dajiang mahogany furniture industry is mainly concentrated in Yixing Road, and the whole street is about five miles long.

Famous enterprises: Wu Shi Xinglong, Guosheng Wood Factory, Jinyu Mingqing

Jiangmen Xinhui: the capital of Chinese classical furniture

Overview: Xinhui is one of the earliest export and counterfeit places in China's Ming and Qing Dynasties. In the 1970s, some Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots returned to their hometowns, mobilizing relatives and friends to purchase old mahogany furniture for export to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Southeast Asia and Europe. At the same time, these people also bought old and worn mahogany furniture during the acquisition of the preserved old furniture, and asked the carpentry to repair and copy. These new recruits engaged in the acquisition and repair of old furniture gradually mastered the classical furniture making skills, inherited the "Guang Zuo" art tradition and elaborate craftsmanship in Ming and Qing furniture, and established the Chinese classical style with Ming and Qing furniture styles. Home production enterprise. Since the development of Xinhui Classical Furniture Manufacturing Industry, it has enjoyed a high reputation in the Ming and Qing antique furniture market at home and abroad. Huicheng has become one of the largest producers of professional mahogany antique furniture in the country.

Market: Xinhui Classical Furniture has gathered in the area of ​​Zihua Road and Xinkai Highway in the west of the city to form a classical furniture street. In the Xinhui City West Xinkai Highway, the Liantang Toll Station is the newly completed Xinhui Classical Furniture City in 2010.

Famous enterprises: Xiongye, China Resources, Lixing, Fuxing, Shengbaohong

Shenzhen Guanlan:

Overview: The Guanlan mahogany furniture industry started in the 1970s. The famous Guanlan Hongmu Home Art Street is 3 kilometers long. It has gathered many mahogany furniture enterprises and has become a Taobao resort for purchasers and collectors. It also breeds deep hair. A number of famous brands such as Midland, Union, Wan Shengyu and Zodan Shi. Guanlan has become one of the largest mahogany furniture production bases in the country, forming a complete industrial chain integrating R&D, production and exhibition. In 2010, Shenzhen Baoan District Redwood Furniture Industry Association was formally established, which made the Shenzhen Redwood Industry “headed by the dragons”, which further clarified the development direction, and made the mahogany furniture manufacturing enterprises and related suppliers and enterprises more closely united and promoted the mahogany. The scale and clustering of the furniture industry.

Market: The newly developed Guanlan Hongmu Home Art Street has become the main mahogany furniture market in Shenzhen Guanlan.

Famous enterprises: Shenfa, Midland, Union, home, Wan Shengyu, Yi Yatai, and Jordan

The hometown of Chinese arts and crafts--Dongyang City, Zhejiang Province

Dongyang City is one of the main producing areas of Chinese mahogany furniture. In the past two years, the Dongyang mahogany furniture industry has developed rapidly. The company has reached more than 200 companies, employing over 10,000 people and owning the “Dongyang Redwood Furniture Market” with a total construction area of ​​about 70,000 square meters. "It is said that it is currently one of the largest single-wood mahogany furniture markets in China; in addition, Dongyang woodcarving is one of the three famous sculptures in Zhejiang, ranking first among the four major woodcarvings in the country. There are more than 140 enterprises engaged in the production of woodcarving crafts. More than 2,000 workshops, more than 30,000 employees, with an annual output value of more than 2 billion yuan.

Market: The industrial area is mainly concentrated in Hengdian Industrial Zone, Dalian Industrial Zone and Nanma Garden Village. It also forms the sales market of Dongyang Redwood Furniture Market, Dongyang Chinese Woodcarving City, Hengdian Redwood Furniture Center and Garden Redwood Furniture Market. .

Famous enterprises: CITIC, Xinming, Mingtang, Xudong, Mingqingju, Zhenyu

China's mahogany furniture semi-finished products wholesale market - Guangxi Pingxiang

The Pingxiang mahogany furniture market has three major mahogany sales markets, namely, Puzhai Redwood Semi-finished Products Market, Nanshan Redwood Boutique Market, and Central District Redwood Boutique Market. According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 3,000 rosewood sales and processing companies in these three markets. Every day, mahogany products from ASEAN countries such as Vietnam, Cambodia, and Laos are brought together in these three major markets for nationwide sales.

The Capital of Chinese Classical Craft Furniture--Xianyou County, Fujian Province

Xianyou County has a long history of cultural accumulation and carving skills. It is a traditional production area of ​​arts and crafts, with a large number of enterprises and employees. The arts and crafts industry has become one of the pillar industries of the county. Many professional villages and professional streets have emerged, which have certain scale advantages and formed a distinctive regional economic industry. The market share of major cities in the country accounts for more than 60% of the total output. The output value and sales volume ranked first in the country. There are more than 2,600 craft enterprises in the county, and a number of professional villages (streets) have appeared. The annual output value is more than 2.5 billion yuan, and the export earns US$75 million. The products are sold well in more than 30 countries and regions such as Japan, Europe, America, Southeast Asia, and China. All major cities have become China's largest woodcarving production base and one of the three major producers of mahogany classical furniture.

The classical furniture of Dacheng County in Hebei Province is mainly concentrated in Nanzhaofu Town. The industry started in the early stage of reform and opening up. One or two people in Fengzhuang Village of the town started to buy and resell old furniture. It is more and more difficult to buy with old furniture. Since 1986, several savvy villagers have invited craftsmen from Zhejiang and other places to teach craftsmanship and began to produce classical furniture in the Ming and Qing dynasties. In the past two decades, the classical furniture industry has developed rapidly, forming Fengzhuang and Yezhuangzi as the center, radiating nearly 30 villages and towns in the town, with 180 enterprise stalls and 12,000 employees.

"Su Zuo"--Jiangsu Redwood Furniture

Changshu mahogany furniture has a long history. It is quite famous in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It has unique craftsmanship and excellent products. It is one of the traditional mahogany furniture producing areas in China. Since the reform and opening up, the development of mahogany furniture manufacturers has grown from dozens of past to more than 300, and a number of influential enterprises have emerged.

Suzhou is dominated by Guangfu. We know that Guangfu Town is one or two hundred furniture houses, but most of them are workshop-style and family-centered. The products are mainly made of rosewood, etc. The products are mostly practical furniture.

As for Nantong, it has similarities with Suzhou. In fact, there are many mahogany furniture enterprises in the Nantong area, more than 300, and the scale is on average larger than Guangfu. However, its product sales are mainly local.

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