Waterproof urinal decoration matching skills

The so-called waterless urinal, as its name implies, is a toilet product that does not require flushing equipment and does not need to be equipped with water distribution. The consumption of water-free electricity in such toilets saves construction costs and saves the cost of use; however, such toilets are used. The intelligent flush sensor works in the intelligent interval flush mode. When the number of users reaches the set number, the back flush function is performed, so it is very water-saving.

Waterless urinal and Xiaowei match:

1. Dress up a small space of 2 square meters. There are three measures: one is to use light colors in color. Mainly based on simple and textured white ceramic tiles, with black and white zebra striped tiles, the space is visually expanded. The second is to emphasize the functionality in the choice of bathroom products. The one-piece toilet is small and light, and the wall-mounted shower faucet, the angled countertop, and the single-hole washbasin faucet greatly save space and are full of modern flavor. The third is to use the mirror. A mirror of just the right size can often double the space while satisfying the washing function.

2. If it is an ordinary space of 3 square meters, the method of starting a small place can be looser, more romantic, and the design style of the ancient elegance is also good. The configuration products can be: one-piece toilet, standard bathroom cabinet, 10 cm washbasin faucet, 15 cm wall-mounted bathtub faucet, 140 cm non-skirt bathtub.

3. If it is 4 square meters of transparent space, it can be used not only with single desktop faucet, 110 cm curved glass shelf, 170 cm steel bathtub, 15 cm wall-mounted bathtub faucet, etc., but also with transparent material. To eliminate the limitations of small spaces, the glass texture of the sink and the bathtub are brown and transparent.

Water urinal matching skills:

1, plants

Green plants and smooth tiles are visually perfect, bringing life and fresh air to the dull bathroom. However, the selected green plants are not happy with water, and they occupy a small area. It is best to occupy a corner only on the window sill, the bathtub or the sink.

2, decorative painting

Decorative paintings can adjust the atmosphere and reduce the loneliness and depression of people in the bathroom. Put a few pictures or photos on your wall, it's no longer a boring bathroom, but the material of the frame is not afraid of water, aluminum or stainless steel.

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Label: Waterproof urinal decoration and matching skills

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