Dance Classroom to Buy Dance Floors

Dance studios must be very firm when installing special floor for dance, because the classroom cannot be used by a dancer and may be used by many dancers. This requires the dance floor to be firmly attached to the floor if the dance floor is not strong enough. It may cause personal danger for the dancers. Here I often give examples. The floor of the dance floor is not firm and the dancers may follow the music. There is no knowledge of the situation under the soles of the feet. A floor that does not pay attention will be tripped over, and it may fracture. This is the danger, so the dance floor must be strong.

The dance floor that Euclidean Flooring launched on the market - the Euclidean Dancer's imported scratch-resistant dance floor, was highly praised by consumers and envied by its peers. Little is known about OS. After many years of sharpening, the European Dance Dance Dance Floor has only been put into perfect display after putting in a lot of manpower and material resources.
Dance Classroom to Buy Dance Floors

The service life of dance special floor is 15-20 years. The dance floor special dance floor is custom-made according to the customer's specified size. The length is not limited to long, and the maximum width is 1.5 meters. The installation is simple and can be directly laid on the ground and pasted with special tape for the dance room floor.

Euclidean OS dance floor custom production cycle, custom methods and delivery methods?

According to the order status of the production line, it is generally completed within 10 working days. Special circumstances may apply for urgent orders. After the negotiation between the two parties, the purchase contract was signed, and 50% of the advance payment was paid. After the production of the dance floor dedicated dance floor was completed, we entrusted the logistics company to transport to the local cargo terminal of the receiving party and settled the remaining balance after checking the goods.
Dance Classroom to Buy Dance Floors

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