30 graphics construction 3 minutes to understand the hidden project

The concealed construction is boring and complex for most decorators. The online article is just tens of thousands of articles. It is dizzy, a large number of technical terms, and it looks like it did not. In order to let everyone comprehend the key points of the hidden project faster, this article will use the simplest and most direct construction site photos to illustrate what needs attention in the hidden project.

What is a hidden project?

Hidden project acceptance refers to the inspection and acceptance of subdivisions and subprojects that will be closed by the next process during the construction of a house or a structure. Generally include water supply and drainage projects, electrical pipeline projects, waterproof projects. Since concealed projects are concealed, if quality problems occur, they must be re-covered and covered up. This can result in very large losses such as rework. Therefore, the acceptance of concealed works must be done.

The line pipe must be horizontally and vertically arranged.

The top of the water pipe is easy to repair in the future. To walk relatively low, safe and easy to maintain but the cost is slightly higher.

Cold water pipes with the same groove, keeping the spacing above 3 cm

After the water pipe is grooved, the tank must be waterproofed.

Decoration construction knowledge construction acceptance

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