How to choose the size of the coffee table? Different shapes and sizes

When it comes to coffee tables, everyone should be familiar. There are two main types, square and rectangular, placed in the living room, mainly used to place cups and saucers, and the name "tea table" is also the result. The coffee table has a variety of shapes and different sizes. Then, what are the size of the coffee table ? Mainly from the casual coffee table, solid wood coffee table, small coffee table, square coffee table, round tea table five kinds of introduction.

1. Leisure coffee table

The size of the casual coffee table is generally larger. The size of this coffee table is about 1080*1080*480mm. Although it is large, it is very delicate. The styling is luxurious and unconventional, blending the countryside with the countryside. In addition, the right decoration is applied to make the whole room look warm and colorful.

Two. Solid wood coffee table

The solid wood coffee table pays more attention to the texture effect, the texture will be more beautiful, and the tea will be pleasing to the eye. The size of this solid wood coffee table is 1260*800*600mm, and the drawer has a partition, so it is very convenient to use, and each angle is designed to be extremely chic and fine.


Three small coffee table

Generally speaking, it is not recommended to choose a small coffee table. It is suitable for the small oval coffee table. The soft shape will make the whole room round and comfortable. The size of this small coffee table is 600*600*500mm, which is not big, but it can better eliminate the sense of urgency of the occupants, and it is easy and happy. The shape of the coffee table is very unique, the lines are drawn through the curve, the color is very harmonious, and the high-key, fashionable and healthy life style is filled.

Four square coffee table

This unique coffee table belongs to the side coffee table, and the size of 1350*500*750mm is very suitable. The table area of ​​the coffee table should be sufficient for the required items. In addition, the distance between the table and the ground should be paid attention to, so that the legs can be placed comfortably under the coffee table. Because the living room is relatively small, some small items are not well accommodated. This coffee table has drawers, which solves the problem of storage.


Five round coffee table

The coffee table is not a decoration in front of the sofa. In addition to accommodating the objects that need to be placed, it also serves to decorate and reconcile the living room space. This round coffee table measures 800*800mm, which is the most suitable range.

The size of the coffee table will affect the design of the living room. Therefore, when selecting a coffee table, in addition to whether it is compatible with the style of the room, it is also necessary to consider whether the size is too small or too large, and whether the use of the coffee table can be fully realized.

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