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In the process of home renovation, the installation of hydropower is a hidden project. Even if it is not done well, the surface decoration will be beautiful. It is also futile. No matter what the problem is in that project, it may bring serious economic losses to the owners. A good hydropower installation not only affects the economic losses, but also brings certain harm to human safety. Therefore, every item of hydropower installation cannot be ignored. Next Xiaobian introduced hydropower installation knowledge.

1. House reconstruction

First of all, we must carry out partial renovation of the house according to the decoration design drawings, for example, to remove certain parts of the wall, or to modify the wall of certain parts.

2, the pipe slot

Under normal circumstances, this part can be divided into two steps, the first step is to groove the water pipe, the second is to slot the telecommunication line. It is best to check the construction quality yourself when the hydropower installers are performing the construction. In general, horizontal and vertical lines must be played before slotting. Use the horizontal line and vertical line as the benchmark for construction. When the workers are constructing, it is important to check whether they have grooved according to the hydropower diagram. If there are changes, they should let them declare in advance.

3, water pipeline installation

Under normal circumstances, the material used for water pipes is PPR pipe and aluminum plastic pipe. PPR pipe is the most used water pipe. When installing a water pipe, the most important thing is the installation location of the faucet. Friends should pay special attention to this piece. It is better to be able to supervise and guide it personally, so that it can ensure the practicality of its function.

4, wire wiring

The most common wire in the market today is a copper wire of 2.5 to 6 square meters. There is one thing that needs special attention here. When you are wiring, you should separate the strong and weak currents, switches, electrical sockets, and air conditioning sockets. Also note that the switch socket must be horizontal and vertical. Only in this way, the rear panel installation will not be uneven. The requirements for strong and weak power cables are 30 cm apart at the bottom of the limit, and the air-conditioning sockets are dedicated to groups of wires of more than 6 square meters, electrical sockets are dedicated to 4 square meters, and switches are grouped with more than 2.5 square meters. The air conditioning line group is more than 2 meters away from the ground. The ground wire of the electric wire group, the switch and the top line of the wall of the lamp line group.

5, water pipeline inspection

After the installation of hydropower, friends must go to the site to inspect the water pipes to eliminate hidden water safety problems and prevent future safety accidents. We usually use pressure testing to do pipeline inspections. Pressure test is one of the ways to check leaks in pipelines. First, all the inner wires are staked to death with a gambling head. Use a pressure gauge to suppress (12 pressures for home decoration) test water. Check all pipe fittings after pressure.

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