Correct construction of building materials and tiles to avoid hidden dangers

On October 14th, the 6th edition of the gold-plated home improvement kits in the autumn decoration needs attention to the correct construction of building materials and tiles. The core of the building blocks: the building materials used in the decoration, if the construction is improper or the building materials themselves have quality problems, it will bring some hidden dangers, and even lead to The new house is in danger. So what are the precautions for the construction of commonly used decoration materials? How to buy safe building materials? Follow the small series to understand.

Every year, September and October are the golden season of decoration. People use "Golden September and Silver 10" to describe it. Because the temperature and humidity are moderate in the autumn and the climate is comfortable, the conditions for the ground and wall works in the decoration are very favorable. However, if the building materials used in the decoration are not properly constructed or the building materials themselves have quality problems, they will bring some hidden dangers and even lead to new houses becoming dangerous. So what are the precautions for the construction of commonly used decoration materials? How to buy safe building materials? Follow the small series to understand.

First, the hidden danger of paint

The construction conditions of the wall paint depend on the weather. If it is constructed on a rainy day, it will easily affect the aesthetic effect of the wall. If the quality of the paint is not enough, it will easily endanger the health of the occupants.

1, affecting the decoration effect

When painting wall coatings, be sure to pay attention to the weather and temperature and humidity. If you encounter high temperature, rainy weather and dry weather, try to avoid construction under these conditions. If the temperature is too high, the humidity is too heavy, and the dryness will affect the coating. The film-forming effect causes the coating to dry insufficiently or dry too quickly, and the wall surface is prone to cracks. If the putty is not fully dried, the wall paint may be applied, which may cause the wall to peel off.

2, endangering health

The house that has just finished painting is best vacant for half a year to stay, and the paint must be selected with a big brand, good reputation, and environmentally certified products. Don't buy a three-product without rushing for a short time. If the indoor air is not fully discharged or the inferior paint is purchased, the benzene series will damage the hematopoietic function and induce leukemia; the free tdi will induce allergic reactions such as rash, asthma, and respiratory damage; long-term accumulation of thin materials will cause damage to the brain cells and affect the central nervous system. The nervous system causes children to have mental retardation.

Second, the hidden danger of tiles

In addition to distinguishing ceramic tiles and porcelain tiles, there are also some places to pay attention to during the paving process. A little carelessness may cause the tiles to fall off and hurt people in the future.

1, the tile cracked off

When tiling, it is necessary to apply a cement mortar prepared in a 1:1 ratio to the back of the tile, and tiling it from the bottom to the top and from the top to the bottom. During the process of affixing, pay attention to the seams. After all the tiles are laid, use rubber hammers to knock them out to avoid cracking and detaching the tiles in the future.

2, caulking dirt is easy to get wet

After the tiles are laid, the caulking agent is required to fill the gaps. If the gaps between the tiles are easy to hide the dirt, the vapor air easily penetrates into the bottom of the tile, causing the tiles to empty and damp.

Third, the floor hidden danger

The floor is divided into solid wood flooring, composite panels, cork flooring and other types according to raw materials. No matter what type of floor, the quality of the floor is not good, and the unprofessional laying process will affect the quality of the home.

1. Inferior quality and harm to health

Wood flooring undergoes multiple processes in the process of processing, and a variety of chemical agents are added. Too much is added to make the floor emit harmful substances such as formaldehyde, and the wood used for the floor may have an impact on the human body due to its different subjects. When purchasing, you need to find out the material of the floor, test report, moisture content and other information.

2, the floor problem is unsightly

During the floor paving process, the over-tightening between the floors is prone to arching, cracking, etc. If the looseness leaves a gap, the water vapor will penetrate between the floor and the floor, causing the floor to be damp and rot, seriously affecting the appearance and use of the floor.

Fourth, wallpaper hidden dangers

1, the material problem smells bad

The more environmentally friendly wallpapers are made of pure paper wallpapers and new material wallpapers. However, it is necessary to see if it is really environmentally friendly pure paper wallpaper when purchasing. It can be determined by various identification methods. If there is no smell, whether there is burning after burning or not Black ash, the tear after the tear to distinguish. Inferior wallpapers emit toxic substances, which can affect the health of the occupants over time.

2, paving error is easy to fall off

The wallpaper is paved with a special wallpaper glue, after a certain proportion of diluted wallpaper glue, brush it, and then paste the wallpaper. After pasting, be sure to sweep out the bubbles under the wallpaper, otherwise the wallpaper will be prone to curling, floating, falling off and so on.

Conclusion: The decoration materials are scattered in every corner of the house. The quality is not good, the technical methods are not right will affect the future residence, good quality and decoration construction, do not let the new house become a dangerous house.

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