New Building Materials Industry Situation and Development

New-type building materials industry situation and development Zhong Lin, Ding Jing Shuangliu County Construction Engineering Quality Supervision and Test Station) 1 China's new building materials industry status analysis New-type building materials industry mainly includes new wall materials, decoration materials, waterproof seal materials and thermal insulation materials Gate class. With the continuous development of China's construction industry and technological progress in the building materials industry, new building materials have occupied a very important position in the building materials industry.

11 New Wall Materials There are many types of new wall materials, including bricks, blocks, and boards, such as shale hollow bricks, fly ash bricks, building blocks, aerated concrete, lightweight boards, and composite boards. In 1985, the output of new wall materials nationwide was 15 billion standard bricks, which increased to 300 billion standard bricks in 2005, which has increased 20 times in 20 years. The proportion of new wall materials in the total wall material increased from 31% to 40. % Of the total, more than 60% of large and medium-sized cities and towns in cities and towns have used more than 60% of new wall materials to complete the construction area of ​​urban buildings. (5. %. After 20 years of independent development and introduction of foreign production technology and equipment, new types of wall materials in China Industry has begun to embark on the road of multi-species development. Bricks, blocks, and boards have also formed corresponding systems. However, the proportion of various high-quality blocks, light boards, and composite boards that represent the modern level of wall materials remains small. Compared with industrialized countries, there is still a big gap, especially in the industry's overall capacity for independent innovation and digestion and absorption is not strong. The level of equipment is far from that of foreign countries, and the quality, grade, technical content and added value of products are still not high. With weak competitiveness, how to enhance the ability of enterprises to participate in international competition is a serious challenge after joining the WTO. At the same time, the pattern of mainly clay bricks and non-energy-saving buildings in the country has not yet been obtained. Fundamentally changing the phenomenon of destroying land and burning bricks and destroying arable land has not stopped, especially since the rapid development of urban and rural construction in recent years has caused a sharp increase in the demand for building materials products. Solid clay brick production in some regions has grown.

12 Decorating and decorating materials Building decoration materials are closely related to the improvement of people's living standards and improvement of living conditions. There are many types of varieties and very rapid replacement is one of the varieties of building materials with great potential for development. Its variety, quality and level of support determine the level of decoration of the building has a very important significance to beautify the urban and rural architecture, improve people's living and working environment.

Although the development of our country's building decoration materials has started late, many products have been developed on the basis of the introduction of foreign advanced technology and equipment. The starting point is not low.

At present, there are more than 4,500 varieties of decoration materials, which have basically formed an industrial system that has begun to take shape and has a relatively complete range of products. In 2005, the output value of the entire industry reached 430 million yuan. The output of major decoration and decoration materials was: 1.8 million for architectural coatings. Tons, building ceramics 41.8 billion m plastic doors and windows 92 million m plastic pipes 1.25 million tons wooden floors 120 million 吒 Currently three to four-star hotel decoration materials can all be self-sufficient, five-star hotels used in the decoration and decoration materials have also reached localization The main problems in the 70% horizontal decoration and decoration materials industry are: small scale of production enterprises, low production concentration, low level of overall production, low level of overall equipment, lack of independent innovation and insufficient technical support capabilities, unreasonable product structure, and high proportion of medium and low-grade products Stable market competitiveness is weak.

13 Waterproof Sealant Waterproof material is an important part of the building materials industry and an important functional material for the construction industry and other related industries.

With the rapid development of the national economy, not only industrial buildings and civil buildings require many varieties and high quality requirements for waterproof materials, but also high-quality waterproof sealing materials are required in industries such as transportation, agricultural water conservancy, and defense and military industry.

After more than 20 years of development, waterproof materials have evolved from a single bituminous felt linoleum to the current six major categories of modified bitumen waterproofing membranes, polymer waterproofing membranes, waterproof coatings, sealing materials, plugging and rigid waterproof materials. Basically formed a relatively complete industrial system. Most of the raw materials needed to make waterproof materials can be self-sufficient. The equipment manufacturing capacity has been greatly improved. Complete sets of production equipment for modified bitumen waterproof membrane and EPDM waterproofing membrane have been developed. In 2005, the production capacity of modified bitumen membranes reached 2.5 billion square meters, and the sales volume reached 83 million. The production capacity of polymer waterproof membranes reached 800 (10,000 m sales volume reached 62 million m2. In recent years, waterproof coatings, sealing and leak-proof materials It also achieved rapid development. Sales of non-tar type polyurethane waterproof coatings and acrylic waterproof coatings reached 300,000 tons of silicone sealant sales of 20,000 tons, and asphalt shingles sales reached 6.2 million meters. New waterproof materials are used in construction. The application of the increasing application technology has also been improved.

At present, China's waterproof materials have the following major problems compared with foreign advanced countries. First, the product structure is unreasonable. Low quality non-modified bituminous waterproof membranes and low-grade waterproof coatings also occupy a large proportion; second, the overall product quality level is not high The market is full of fake and inferior products such as BS coils. Third, the production concentration is low, and the average size of companies is very small.

Fourth, in terms of design and construction, application technologies and supporting technologies have yet to be improved and improved.

14 Thermal Insulation Materials Insulation materials used in the past were mainly used in specific industrial buildings. With the implementation of national building energy conservation policies, thermal insulation materials have also gained rapid development in civil building applications in the past two decades. Products from scratch, from single species to diverse performance from low to high, has formed a relatively complete range of industries including mineral wool, glass wool, foamed plastic, fire resistant fiber, and calcium silicate insulation products. A big increase. In 2005, the output of mineral wool in the country reached 600,000 tons of glass wool and the output reached 220,000 tons of other insulation materials of 150,000 tons. Foam plastic insulation materials have also developed rapidly in recent years and have been widely used in energy-saving buildings.

The main gap between thermal insulation materials in China and industrialized countries is the phenomenon of repeated construction. Serious scientific research is insufficient. Overall technology and equipment are low. Applied technology research and product development are lagging. Application technology in the construction field needs to be improved, product structure is unreasonable, and low quality expansion is used. Perlite insulation material still occupies a large proportion.

2 The development of new building materials is a requirement for sustainable development strategy. New building materials are an important part of the building materials industry. With high technological content and diversified functions, new types of building materials are developed. The development and application of new technologies and new varieties are strongly promoted to enhance the overall quality of the industry. Fundamentally adjust the structure of the building materials industry, promote industrial upgrading, and improve and enhance people’s living conditions and quality of life. Implement sustainable development strategies Promote important measures for the modernization of building materials and construction.

For China, where resources per capita, such as energy and cultivated land, are only 1/4 of the world average, the coordinated development of the national economy and society, resources, and the ecological environment is even more important and urgent. At present, clay solid bricks in China are still banned in many areas, and problems such as energy consumption, land destruction, and pollution are very serious. Therefore, the development of new types of building materials relates to the implementation of China's sustainable development strategy, and also relates to the healthy development of building materials industry. Production and use of new wall materials can save energy, reduce land use, reduce the use of comprehensive waste of environmental pollution, and promote recycling economy. Conducive to ecological and environmental protection.

New building materials adapt to advanced construction technologies to improve building functions, reduce costs, and have great market potential and good development prospects. In particular, the use of new wall materials instead of traditional wall materials with solid clay bricks as the main body will be a major change for the long-term traditional concept of building materials production and construction methods.

With the development of the national economy and the gradual improvement of the people’s living standards, people’s demands for living and working environment have also been continuously improved. The advancement of the construction industry not only requires the improvement of the quality and function of the building, but also requires its beautiful appearance without damaging human health, which requires the development of multifunctional and environmentally friendly new building materials and products. The use of new types of building materials and products can significantly improve the function of the building, increase the use of the building area, improve the anti-seismic capability, facilitate the mechanized construction and improve the construction efficiency. Under the same circumstances, the construction cost can be reduced.

3 Outlook of new building materials development during the “+5” period 31 Development focus of the new building materials industry With the steady development of the national economy and continuous growth in the demand for the construction industry, new building materials will continue to be the key development industry during the “Eleventh Five-Year Plan” period in China. The development of new wall materials should adhere to the principle of adjusting to local conditions. The leading products should be determined according to the local building structural system, resource conditions and economic level.

The focus of the development of new wall materials is the development of bricks, blocks and slabs. The focus is on sintered hollow bricks, in particular non-clay sintered hollow bricks and profitable sintered products, such as coal gangue and fly ash sintered hollow bricks; the development focus of the blocks is weight bearing and non- The development focus of the load-bearing concrete hollow block and aerated concrete block board is the composite board that bears heavy light board and decorative heat preservation. We should vigorously develop all kinds of green wall materials, develop and produce wall materials that use industrial waste instead of some or all of natural resources to promote high-volume waste slag, and new processes for full-gangue sintered hollow bricks focus on the development of large-scale concrete block production lines to realize mechanization. , Automated complete sets of equipment manufacturing to solve the supporting construction application technology focus on the development of the scale of aerated concrete block production line, and actively develop aerated banban forest proper development of foam concrete, improve the foaming molding technology development of light combination of light weight Insulation composite wall will increase the level of production equipment and construction equipment, and develop and improve lightweight composite wallboard technology.

The focus of the development of decoration materials is energy-saving plastic doors and windows, plastic pipe fittings and high-performance exterior wall coatings. The development focus of plastic doors and windows is to give full play to the existing production capacity, improve the overall quality of products and energy-saving effect, and further do a good job in the promotion and application of plastic pipe production development focus is UVC water supply and drainage pipe, PE city water supply pipe, gas pipe large diameter city water supply Drain pipe, PRPX building hot and cold water pipe, aluminum-plastic composite pipe and extruded steel-plastic composite pipe. The focus of the development of architectural coatings is the middle-grade exterior wall paint environment-friendly interior wall emulsion paint with rich texture, good color retention, weather resistance, and pollution resistance to increase the concentration of production.

The new type of waterproof material focuses on the development of modified bitumen felt and actively develops polymer waterproofing membranes, develops waterproof coatings appropriately and strives to develop sealing materials, and pays attention to the development of underground water-stopping, plugging materials and rigid polyurethane foamed waterproof and heat-insulating materials. Modified asphalt felt focuses on the development and promotion of SS modified linoleum while actively creating conditions to promote the development of APP modified linoleum. Macromolecule waterproofing membrane focuses on the promotion of EPDM coils to actively develop a new generation of PVC waterproofing membranes. Waterproof coatings focus on the development of polyurethane, acrylic ester emulsion waterproof coatings and high solids rubber modified asphalt waterproof coatings. Sealing materials focus on the development of silicone and polyurethane elastic sealant, suitable for the development of polysulfide, acrylic and other high-grade sealing paste.

The new type of thermal insulation material focuses on the development of high-quality materials such as glass wool and mineral wool, and actively develops EPSXPS and P polymer thermal insulation materials. Based on the demand for materials for building energy-saving design, the company will strengthen the research on building insulation application technologies and supporting technologies.

32 Some New Types of Building Materials Prediction New Wall Materials Steadily Growing Blocks and plates have seen a large increase. It is expected that by the year 2010, the demand for new wall materials in China will be 4200 B block brick building coatings will maintain the momentum of sustained and stable development. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for architectural coatings in China will be 2.3 million tons, and medium and high-grade architectural coatings will account for a large proportion.

Plastic doors and windows continue to develop steadily The growth in energy-saving doors and windows is expected to be large. By 2010, the national demand for plastic doors and windows will reach 140 million m. The proportion of energy-saving doors and windows will reach more than 5 kilometers. The stable development of plastic pipes Large-diameter plastic pipes will develop rapidly. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for plastic pipes in the country will reach 1.8 million tons. Its varieties include plastic drains, water supply pipes, hot and cold water pipes, wire conduits, and gas pipes.

Decorative plasterboard continues to develop steadily. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for decorative gypsum board in China will be 1.2 billion b/tons. It is estimated that by 2010, the demand for mineral wool sound-absorbing panels will be 600 (million m2). The waterproof seal material will continue to develop rapidly. It is estimated that by 2010, the new national waterproof membrane output will reach 2.5 billion m, and the market share will reach 50%. The construction of new waterproof materials will achieve the rapid development of 80 thermal insulation materials, and it is expected that by 2010, the national thermal insulation material demand will be 800,000 tons of mineral wool, 300,000 tons of glass wool, 400,000 tons of expanded perlite, 400,000 tons of aluminum silicate fiber, 100,000 tons of polyphenylene. Thermal insulation materials such as ethylene and polyurethane 80 million 吒 4 Main measures to promote the rapid and healthy development of new building materials 41 Implement industrial policies and accelerate the pace of structural adjustment Accelerate the adjustment of new building materials industry structure in accordance with the country’s recently promulgated industrial policy Change the dispersal of production factors and resource utilization in the industry Unreasonable situation: Focus on supporting a group of competitive enterprises with strong innovation capabilities and high market share of operating performance. Enterprises should increase efforts to eliminate backward processes, equipment and products.

4.2 Adhere to scientific and technological innovation, vigorously promote technological progress, and establish a system of development and innovation of leading new-type building materials with independent intellectual property rights. In accordance with the policy guidance of new building materials technologies, processes, equipment and products that the country encourages to develop, strengthen the technology development and application demonstration organizations to introduce, digest, and absorb foreign advanced technology research, develop high technology content, good waste effect, energy saving effect, and independence Intellectual Property, High-quality, New-type Building Material Production Technology and Equipment.

43 Adhere to market orientation, establish a scientific development concept, strengthen market research, pay attention to market dynamics, track market changes, forecast market development, timely develop, develop, develop, and produce new types of building materials that are in short supply or in urgent need, to meet market demand and With the improvement of consumption levels and changes in consumer demand, the company constantly updated its products and improved the level of product support.

44 Strengthen Quality Awareness, Establish and Improve Quality Assurance System Establish an effective industry quality supervision mechanism and enterprise quality assurance system, rely on quality to create a brand, create benefits to limit the industry's short-term behavior and corporate misconduct, maintain market order, and promote the healthy development of the industry .

45 Actively play the role of the association and improve the development environment of the industry. It is necessary to give full play to the role of bridges and bonds of associations of the new building materials industry and to make good connections and communication between the government, enterprises and the market. It is necessary to promptly reflect the voices of enterprises, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of enterprises, coordinate the relationship between enterprises and related departments, and guide enterprises to strengthen self-discipline to eliminate barriers to the development of the industry. |D2492

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