What are the notices for the new home inspection? How do you accept the rough room?

New home renovation is a very troublesome and cumbersome thing. Before the renovation, it is necessary to first check the room. There are many kinds of situations for the new house inspection room. The common situation is the rough room inspection room and the hardcover room inspection room. No matter what kind of situation, the process must go through in the inspection of new homes , and some common precautions need to be careful, otherwise there will often be unexpected results. Here we introduce how to check the precautions of blank house and new house inspection room .

Receipt of blank house new house :


Tap the wall with your hand to judge whether the wall is empty by sound and visually check for cracks.


Take four or five points from the ground and measure the height of the room with a tape measure. If the values ​​are inconsistent, it indicates that the roof is tilted.


Shake the heating pipe and the upper pipe vigorously to check if it is firm. There may be construction waste in the downpipe, so open the water valve to see if the drainage is smooth.

Kitchen Flue

After the paper is ignited, it is extinguished and smoked. It is placed under the mouth of the flue, and it is immediately taken away if the smoke rises to the flue.

Pipeline gas

Use smoked paper near the alarm device to check if the device is sensitive and check that the air intake solenoid valve is convenient to use.

New home inspection matters needing attention:

1, new home inspection room remember to accept the housing in accordance with the acceptance table acceptance, and to the developer's acceptance table to retain, acceptance must be checked against the entity one by one.

2. In the final inspection, do not let the property management personnel sent by the developer escort. They will influence your thinking.

3. If there is no acceptance of the house on the list of inspections, there will be serious quality problems in the subsequent process of the house. Therefore, the developer cannot draw a clear line and shirk responsibility.

4. Once the house has serious quality problems or the owner has asked for inspection, if the developer declares that the house has passed the quality inspection agency acceptance, it has the right to require the record of the inspection.

5. If the developer does not solve the problem in time, which affects the normal use of the house, the householder has the right to claim compensation.

6. When the size of the house is larger, the developer can dispose of it without prior notice.

7. If there is serious shortage of housing area, the householder has the right to claim compensation.

8. After the owner has put into use, the house still has certain quality problems, which can be solved by the developer according to the requirements of the warranty contract.

9. You can communicate with the surrounding heads of household to obtain more information about the status of the housing in the form of mutual help.

Editing summary: How to check and accept the blank room and new house inspection room What are the precautions? Here is the introduction, I hope to help you, more information, please pay attention to this site.

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