Canadian Goldenrod Autumn Control Technical Opinion

Solidago canadensis is a kind of exotic malignant weed that spreads rapidly and poses a huge threat to agricultural production and ecology. According to recent investigations by plant inspection agencies in Nanjing, Suzhou, Zhenjiang and other places, the current yellow flower has entered the flowering stage, and some spring plants still have regenerated plants in the field. If the seeds are not timely, the seeds will mature rapidly. Control will give up the work. All localities should quickly organize the prevention and control of canadensis in autumn, and take effective prevention and control measures for different types of occurrence areas to prevent their seeds from maturing, cut off the route of seed transmission, and reduce the pressure of prevention and control in the coming year.

1 prevention and control objectives

According to the overall goal of “small sporadic outbreaks and non-proliferation in the area where the fragments are formed”, the disposal rate of the goldenrod disease in Canada is guaranteed to be 100%, and the new epidemic sites are basically eradicated.

2 Integrated control technology

All localities should adopt targeted prevention and control technologies according to actual conditions and local conditions.

2.1 Re-cultivation and multiple cropping. For some land parcels with flat terrain and good ground force, it can be combined with land development and environmental remediation, adopting mechanical tillage, promoting re-cultivation and replanting, timely planting suitable crops or greening plants, and manually removing a yellow flower underground. The rhizome prevents it from invading again.

2.2 Manual removal. For sporadic areas, before the ripening of the yellow flower seeds, the aboveground parts are removed or cut off and destroyed centrally, the source of diffusion is reduced, and the underground rhizomes are excavated conditionally to prevent regeneration of the roots.

2.3 Chemical control. (1) Arable land: Foliar spray can be carried out by using 41% glyphosate water 200 times solution or 41% glyphosate water 200 times solution + 20% flufenoxyacetic acid emulsion 500 times solution. (2) Non-cultivated land: 40% oxygen fluoride, glyphosate wettable powder 200-300 times liquid, 48% wheat grass water-wet agent 500-1,000 times liquid, 75% chloropyrazine-sulfur water dispersion granules 2,000 times Liquid +41% glyphosate water 200 times solution for spray control. (3) along highways, rivers and lakes, railways, etc.: According to different types of greening, different herbicides are used for prevention and control. The first category: planting arbor (poplar, cedar, ginkgo, etc.), can be sprayed with 40% oxyfluorinated glyphosate wettable powder 300 times solution. The second category: planting shrubs (Dalbergia chinensis, Holly), flowers (Oleander, Lagerstroemia, etc.), optional 41% glyphosate water 200 times solution + 20% fluoxetine EC 500 times The liquid is sprayed on the foliage. The third category: mainly planting turfgrass (high fescue, carpet grass, etc.), can be sprayed with 13% 2 methyl 4 chlorohydrin 1,000 times solution + 20% fluoxetine emulsifiable concentrate 1,000 times solution.

2.4 Precautions. Control work should be taken before the flowering of the yellow flower. In the green belt, it is necessary to carry out directional low-spraying to prevent the agent from drifting and accidentally injuring other plants. Large-scale plant protection machinery can be used for large-volume sprays on the pieces of yellow flowers that occur in pieces.

3 Work measures

3.1 Comprehensively check the distribution. At present, the golden flower is in the flowering stage, and the plant is easy to identify. It is a good time to carry out the census. All localities should organize technical personnel on the basis of the spring investigation to conduct a comprehensive survey of the suitable areas of Canadian goldenrod in the area under their jurisdiction, focusing on the investigation of abandoned land. In the area to be developed, along the riverside lake and along the highway and railway, do not leave a dead angle, mark the occurrence of the site, draw a map of the epidemic situation, and lay a good foundation for the current and next spring chemical control.

3.2 Strong publicity and launch. Multi-channel, multi-forms to promote the importance of the prevention and control of Canada's goldenrod, popularize prevention and control knowledge, proactively announce the consultation phone, create a strong atmosphere of group defense and control, and guide the whole society to participate in the prevention of a yellow flower.

3.3 Optimize the prevention and control technology. All localities should actively carry out drug testing, screen out suitable local chemicals, explore new methods for inhibiting flowering and seeding of goldenrod, and optimize integrated prevention and control technologies for different types of occurrence areas.

3.4 Strengthen departmental linkages. Strengthen coordination with transportation, water conservancy, urban construction, gardens, development zones and other departments to form a joint force of prevention and control. After discovering a yellow flower in the administrative department of the relevant department or unit, in accordance with the principle of territorial management, timely take out the prevention and control plan, notify and guide the prevention work.

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