Square plated aluminum buckle ceiling how to buy and purchase considerations

【China Aluminum Network】 home improvement ceiling is a common part of home improvement. Ceilings occupy a very important position in the decoration of the whole room. Appropriate decoration of the top of the room can not only beautify the indoor environment, but also create a rich and colorful indoor space art image. Then, how do you pay attention to the purchase and purchase of square lacquered aluminum gusset plate gusset ceiling? Below, let's take a look.


First, the square plated aluminum buckle ceiling How to buy 1, aluminum buckle plate has a lot of specifications, including the panel's panel width, thickness, flange height and so on. The selection should be based on the characteristics of the home bathroom.

2. The aluminum pinch plate is divided into two types: punched and flat surface. The surface punching can breathe sound and sound, and the interior of the gusset plate is covered with a layer of film cushion, and the moisture can be absorbed by the film through the punching hole, so it is more suitable for kitchens and kitchens with more moisture.

3. 600mm×600mm micro-hole square plates, C150, C100 strips and 300×300 and 300×600 aluminum strips are widely used in the market. 4, the quality of the aluminum buckle is not entirely thin and thick, the key lies in the texture of aluminum, aluminum buckle plate for general engineering has 0.8 mm, or even thicker, because some engineering used buckle plate is very long, in order to prevent deformation, Therefore, we must use a bit thicker and harder. On the other hand, there are few aluminum buckles for home improvement, and there are no heavy objects on the ceiling of the aluminum buckle. Therefore, the aluminum buckle plate for home improvement can be said to be 0.6 mm. It's enough.

5, you go to the building materials city, a lot of salesmen to tell you that their 0.8 mm, there are friends that someone introduced him to 0.88 mm; that is often because their boards can not, so can only take the thickness to be really destroyed People are tireless.

6, clearly tell everyone that 0.6 mm is enough. Take the example of an imported brand aluminum buckle plate with a large reputation on the market, its price is more than 300 yuan per square meter, but its thickness is 0.5 mm, which is not as good as 0.6 mm.

7, the quality of the board does not lie in the thickness, but in the substrate.

8, in fact, if you consult the aluminum buckle plate in terms of mid-range, most are 0.6 mm.

9, on why some brands are not good 0.8 mm, and some miscellaneous brands, can use aluminum cans, because of the quality of aluminum itself, so they want to do a very thin aluminum buckle but not possible Because the aluminum is not good, the board can't pull thin evenly, so they can only do it in thick.

10, so, to identify the aluminum buckle board, in addition to paying attention to the surface finish, but also to observe whether the thickness of the board is uniform, hand-squeezed the board feel, flexibility and toughness is good.

Second, the aluminum buckle buy Note 1, choose the main aluminum ceiling is to look at its material, do not focus on its thickness.

2. According to the principle of design, the average thickness of the home improvement slats can reach 0.5mm, 0.6mm, and very few to 0.8mm.

3, is due to the use of aluminum alloy material reasons, like foreign Le Silong, domestic Haoya and other brands, not very thick enough, and there is no longer a span of home improvement bar, there is no need to use So thick.

4, if the economic conditions allow to consider the film, the future in the kitchen, bathroom, etc. easy to scrub, and time will not change color.

5, installation can be considered with the factory installation, you can also choose to install the decoration workers.

The above is what we have today introduced to you about how to choose and purchase the ceiling of the square lacquered aluminum gusset ceiling. What is your knowledge? I hope you will find it helpful.

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