The first share of Redwood - Huaming Huaju, how about Huaming Huaju Furniture?

With the improvement of living standards, more and more friends are demanding furniture at home. Many friends who like hi-wood are eager to move, but the quality of mahogany furniture on the market is uneven. Today, we will introduce a high-end mahogany. The first share - Huaming Huaju.

Huaming Huaju strength

“Hua Ming Hua Ju”, the first share of Hongmu, is a famous source of the country. It is the only state-owned enterprise background in the industry. It specializes in the R&D, design, production and sales of mahogany raw material trade and fine furniture. The company is committed to standardization based on high starting point and high standards. The development path of branding is the first to establish a modern enterprise operation mechanism, introduce an MBA management team, strictly promote the quality management system, and introduce traditional craft furniture with modern home art connotation and ancient rhyme and current, and enjoy the “Chinese life” Chinese style noble life. ring.

In line with the goal of building a leading enterprise in China's mahogany industry industry and trade integration, to promote the upgrading of the regional classical furniture industry, Huaming Huaju has expanded the import and export agency business of the global mahogany Fujian port and built the 50,000 square meters of mahogany furniture production bar industry. The park, innovative marketing model, customer-centered, has won many honorary titles and market affirmations such as the national contract-honoring and credit-respecting enterprise, the annual outstanding enterprise of China's furniture industry, and the most valuable brand of China's mahogany industry.

Huaming Huaju Furniture Appreciation

Chest of drawers


Source: GO Jiaju

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