How to decorate the walk-in cloakroom to create a refined home

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Nowadays, the walk-in cloakroom is gradually favored by the residents who have ample room, becoming a new trend in modern home improvement fashion. The walk-in cloakroom is a space that is independent in the home environment, integrating storage, dressing and even makeup. In the cloakroom, family clothes, shoes and hats, bags, accessories, toys, bedding, etc. can be classified here. Through the following four programs, let's take a look at the walk-in cloakroom decoration skills.

First, the design of the walk-in cloakroom

1. Design should consider humanization

This is an open cloakroom hidden in the master bedroom of the duplex room. It has ample design space and is relatively orderly closed. Longfa designers made a reasonable plan for the cloakroom, replacing the traditional large wardrobe with a combination wardrobe, and including the drawers, tie boxes, hanging pants racks and other finished products. The material is made of fine hardware, and a seat pier and telescopic pull rod are designed in the cloakroom. The owner can sit and hang when changing clothes, which is a performance of humanized design. The shades are dominated by light beige, creating a light and quiet private space. The designer has specially set up a stylish double-sided sliding door, and the inside of the door is designed as a mirror to enhance the use.

2, the color of the cloakroom should pursue individuality

Fashion can have many faces, and the expressions and ideological connotations can be very different. In the design of this walk-in dressing room, the design room of Beijing Yuanzhou Decoration Company used a colorful personality, which added a feminine and touching plot to the home: the coldness of the metal, the simplicity of the logs, and the softness of the fabric. The charm of the light and shadow, all merged into a fashionable language to wander in the space.

2. Long cloakroom designed for long bedrooms

A bedroom of sufficient length, using a fake wall to separate a space for other purposes, such as a small study. This is used to create a walk-in closet.

Using two sliding doors to open a cloakroom with a depth of 1.5 meters and a length of 4.5 meters, the main workload is to install the slide rails under the fake wall. The interior of the cloakroom features a walnut-colored wire frame and a metal mesh basket, and is matched with a yellow-green bedroom.

Third, the use of irregular space to transform the cloakroom

Cut off the irregular part of the bedroom and get a walk-in closet. The bedroom has an irregular protruding part, which was originally a design difficulty, but if you put a few sliding doors on the irregular part, you can not only have a neat bedroom, but also have a walk-in closet and see Going up like a closet, it doesn't look like the bedroom is crowded.

The cloakroom for middle-aged people has four sliding doors in a variety of styles, two with a smooth oak veneer and two with oak woven fabrics to create a rustic, earthy effect with the overall atmosphere of the bedroom. The interior of the cloakroom also has a traditional cabinet and drawer structure, which is more suitable for middle-aged couples.

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