Analysis of the main recycling routes of expandable polystyrene EPS

The expandable polystyrene EPS has developed rapidly in China and is widely used in various shockproof packaging, construction, decoration, tableware and so on. However, EPS packaging materials are mostly disposable consumables. After disposal, they are not easy to degrade themselves, causing great pollution to the environment. Therefore, the development of EPS recycling, rejuvenation, and regeneration has become the most urgent issue in the current EPS packaging industry. In recent years, China's recycling of EPS waste has been valued by relevant departments. The government and other departments have strengthened macro guidance and orderly management. The corresponding regulations and policy support policies have been introduced one after another, and people's awareness of resources and environmental protection has been improved. Overall, China has made great achievements in EPS recycling. For example, waste EPS has been processed to produce XPS, which has become the main way for domestic EPS recycling.

The recycling of waste polystyrene foam products not only protects the environment, saves energy, but also has good economic benefits.

At present, there are roughly the following methods for EPS recycling:

1. Simple burial; this method requires labor, land occupation, and does not produce benefits.

2. Used as fuel for incineration; although this method can generate heat, it has a large investment.

3. Using EPS recovery granulation equipment, after hot melt regeneration granulation, EPS is regenerated into PS particles. Then, it can also be heated and melted to add foaming agent, flame retardant, nucleating agent and other additives, and processed to obtain XPS, which is widely used in building materials. At present, this recycling technology has been widely promoted in China and has become one of the main ways of recycling and utilization of EPS.

4. Chemical recycling, the waste EPS is decomposed into reusable components such as monomers, compounds, fuels, etc., so that EPS recycling really becomes a closed loop process. The method has the following advantages: the chemical raw material produced by the decomposition can be comparable to the new material; in addition, it has the potential to deal with waste in a large amount, that is, it can realize the re-recycling and can achieve the pollution of the environment by the real treatment of EPS. The processes with industrial potential in current chemical recovery are cracking, vaporization, hydrogenation, and pyrolysis. Although chemical recovery is not novel from the reaction mechanism, there are still many engineering problems to be solved in order to be put into practical use.

5. After being crushed, it is used as an additive material for making lightweight thermal insulation building materials, such as EPS lightweight concrete, cement polystyrene board, EPS foam hollow brick and EPS lightweight roof insulation board, etc., which is characterized by making full use of EPS foam plastic. Thermal insulation performance.

6. Other methods, such as manufacturing rust-proof rust-proof paint, manufacturing multifunctional resin glue, manufacturing anti-seepage trapping agent, use as asphalt reinforcing agent, and the like.

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