How do oil companies and refineries purchase fire engines correctly?

Heavy truck Haowo 8t foam fire truck, the fire truck has advanced technology, reliable performance, fast response, good overall performance, automatic and flexible operation, liaison and command freely; the water pump adopts sandwich force method to achieve synchronous operation of marching and fire fighting, driving Members can complete vehicle driving and fire fighting operations at the same time;
The tank fire truck has a range of 65 meters and a bubble fire engine with a range of 55 meters.
This fire fighting truck is an excellent main battle fire truck and is widely used in cities, oil fields, oil depots, oil refineries, power plants, coal plants, airports, docks and other places.

Of course, the larger oil companies and refineries are required to have more than 12 tons of models.

Hubei Jiangnan Fire Engine Factory is the largest fire truck production base in the country. It specializes in the production of special fire engines for armed police, chemical plants, oil refineries, PetroChina, Sinopec, and large-scale enterprise-specific fire engines. Our company has obtained fire engine production qualification in 2000. The fire engines are standard models for the country and can be easily listed and exempt from purchase tax. Factory sales department manager Huang Hotline.

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