How much is wooden flooring a square wooden floor and tiles which expensive

Laying wooden flooring in homes is the preferred choice for many homeowners. Wood flooring is not only safe, environmentally friendly, but also easy to clean. It has always been more popular with consumers. At present, the wood floors on the market mainly include solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and laminate flooring. However, due to the great differences in the process and installation of these types of wood floors, their prices are also very different. But because of so many advantages, the price of wood flooring is higher than the price of ordinary flooring. So, how much is a square wooden floor? How to buy a wooden floor? Don't worry, today we look at what kinds of wood flooring, how much money a wooden floor, by understanding the relevant knowledge of wood flooring to help everyone Buy your favorite product.

Classification of wooden floor

Solid wood floor

It is a natural material with a comfortable foot feeling, cool in winter and cool in summer, but it consumes a lot of resources, has a large workload of installation, and is not easy to maintain.

2. Solid wood composite floor

The appearance of texture is clear, good stability, easy to lay and maintain, use advanced technology, product quality is stable, suitable for cold regions, can be used to do geothermal.

3. Three-layer solid wood flooring

The appearance of texture is clear, and the stability is good. It is the same as multi-layer solid wood. However, the domestic production is low, the price is expensive, and the high cost is the main problem.

4. Composite laminate flooring

The substrate is of medium density and particle board with good stability and ensures the wear resistance of the surface layer. Because of these many advantages, it can be used in homes and public places.


How much is a wooden square floor?

1, solid wood flooring: health, environmental protection, but expensive, maintenance requires a certain amount of thought, and regular waxing. Solid wood flooring prices generally range from 200-500 yuan/m2, and even up to a thousand yuan/square.

2, solid wood composite flooring: changed the previous physical structure, good stability, belong to medium-sized consumer products, is a more popular material. The price is between 20-500 yuan/m2.

3, strengthen the floor: good wear resistance, suitable for living room use, installation and maintenance on the simple. The price is generally between 80-300 yuan / m2.

How to buy wooden floor

1. Select tree species: There are many varieties, with light and dark colors. 1. Light color material: colorful, can express warm atmosphere. Second, dark material: small expansion coefficient, should not be wet, large color difference.

2, choose color: clear wood grain, natural color. Therefore, the natural style of the wooden floor was created.

3, choose the size: In terms of stability, the smaller the size, the stronger the resistance to deformation. Wide and narrow panels, beautiful and generous.

4, selected moisture content: Due to different geographical locations, moisture content varies. Before purchasing, you may wish to consult a professional to purchase the desired product.

5. Select processing precision: randomly select several floors to assemble, and see if the finish is smooth, smooth, and whether the assembly is strict.

6, choose the quality of paint: No matter what kind of floor, before purchase, should observe whether the paint film is smooth, no paint, holes and so on.


Wooden floor purchase notes

1, before buying, need to consider the ground conditions, such as: high humidity, should be used Komatsu, white pine floor, because this kind of wood is not easy to deformation.

2, due to the different geographical location, of course, the moisture content is different, before buying, may wish to consult a professional in order to purchase the desired product. European and American countries are more popular with antique floors, but there are not many consumers in the domestic market. Only Fulin, Enron, Fortune and other brands started the project.

How much money to install the floor a square meter

At present, the price of solid wood flooring ranges from 150 to 250 yuan/m2, the price of reinforced flooring ranges from 80 to 200 yuan/m2, the price of solid wood flooring is 200 yuan/m2 or more, and the price of cork flooring is up to 400 yuan/m2 or more.

Floor installation precautions

1, the selected paving time and environment

Natural wood, high temperature and humidity requirements. 16 °C to 30 °C. From the seasons, spring and autumn are more suitable than summer and winter. In 24 hours, avoid construction at noon and night, preferably at 2pm. The floor is plastered and needs to be completed after the renovation to avoid damage to the floor. Especially paint, tiling.

2, the material moisture treatment

Before laying the floor, you need to store it indoors for two days before laying it. Dry places should be stored and protected with plastic film. The damp floor is prone to mildew, which shortens the service life and cannot be dried.

3, floor treatment before paving

Before installing the floor, ensure the floor is clean. Remove stains from the floor. Allow the cement to dry completely before applying it. In order to ensure the moisture-proof effect, the floor must be waterproofed, especially in the kitchen.

4, moisture pad to pay attention

Ground wet tide, in addition to waterproofing, should do a good job of substrate treatment to ensure that the ground is dry. When laying floor mats, the floor mats should be flat and there should be no empty drums; avoid sticking glue only around the floor mats, which will affect the moisture-proof function of the ground.

5, paving methods are stress

When installing the floor, it is recommended to keep the shrinkage seam around 1cm. Generally no more than 1mm, to prevent future arching, deformation.


By the way, understand the other floor prices:

How much is a solid wood floor a square

The price of solid wood flooring is generally around 78 yuan/m2. With the characteristics of environmental protection, it is a poor conductor of heat, which has the effect of being warm in winter and cool in summer, comfortable in the foot, and is an ideal material for floor decoration. The price of solid wood flooring is 315.56 yuan / square meter, giving a natural, soft, rich texture, while it is cool in winter and cool, become the ideal material for the bedroom, study.

Note: This price is for reference only! Due to different geographical areas, prices will vary. For more details on the prices, please refer to the local distributors!

Editor's summary: The above is a description of how much money a wooden floor has to offer for a square wooden floor and tiles, and hopefully it will help those who have this need! For more information, please continue to follow our website. Follow-up Show more exciting content. You can also purchase your favorite product on Qijia Mall!

How much is a square floor?

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