How to arrange home improvement socket teach you a reasonable arrangement of home improvement socket

Decoration is a very tedious thing, in addition to home style design and furniture selection, there is a need to check is the home improvement socket layout problem, in fact, home improvement socket layout is very important, today Xiao Bian and everyone to bring home to talk about the outlet How to arrange, teach you a reasonable arrangement of home improvement sockets .

Home decoration outlet living room layout

1, in the living room layout outlets, you can prepare three switch sockets, because in the living room, there will be TV walls and TV and some home theater equipment, this requires the use of several sockets.

2, to place a socket in the location of air conditioning, according to the plan to place the place where electrical appliances are designed, so that it can be used in the future.

3, three holes / multi-purpose socket 1. It can be placed next to the sofa to prepare for the needs of the electric fan;

4, design a five-hole socket on the living room next to the sofa or the corner of the living room, so after the installation of floor lamp or tea tray boiling water will be used.

5, design a five-hole socket on the edge of the sofa, so that the home phone can be used to get this socket.

6, a three-hole socket. On the corner of the sofa or in the living room, if the water in the living room has been placed, it is reserved for it.

7, five holes socket 1-2. Mainly put it on the sofa or the side of the wall, reserved for temporary home appliances (mobile phone charging, etc.).

Home decoration socket specification

1. Electronically controlled switch: The power switch is preferably between 120 and 135 centimeters from the ground (the total switch height and adult shoulder height);

2. The height of the power socket on the wall of the audition equipment, desk lamp and wiring board is generally about 30 centimeters from the ground;

3. Air conditioning, exhaust fan outlet about 190 ~ 200 cm.

Home decoration socket layout considerations

1. The general living room switch uses the opposite direction, with one hand to open and close. Therefore, the majority of the family's switches will be installed on the left side of the door, so that it is convenient to switch and the behavior is logical.

2. Consider wall-mounted liquid crystals, entrance lighting sockets and corresponding control switches.

3. Consider the use of sockets for room cleaners, special satellite power outlets, etc.

4. The reserved power outlets should be more for the expansion of electrical appliances in the future.

The above is how Xiaobian's home improvement outlets have to be arranged, to teach you a reasonable arrangement for home improvement outlets . In fact, this aspect is very important. He is closely related to our daily lives, so we also need to pay attention to this aspect and hope to help. To everyone, if you want to know other related information, please continue to pay attention to this site, more exciting so stay tuned!

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1. In plastic molds, separating the product from the mold is also the most commonly used;
2. Carbide thimble, such as tungsten steel thimble, etc., can be used to pass longer and thinner holes;
3. The thimble is also called the top. It is a conical metal round rod that is mounted on a lathe or grinder to support the workpiece and rotate the workpiece around it, but it is completely different from the thimble of plastic mold accessories;
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The standard models of lathe and grinder thimble:
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