Toilet floor drain how to do bathroom floor drain installation steps

Water is often used in dwellings, but in order to keep the interior from getting wet, we need to place a floor drain in these places, which is where the floor drains. However, if it is not properly installed or waterproof, it is prone to leakage. The so-called leakage of water from the upper floors and the collapse of downstairs are frequent occurrences of bathroom leaks, among which the floor drain is one of the “heavy disaster zones”. Next, we will work together to understand the bathroom floor drain installation steps and toilet floor drain water- related practices.

Toilet floor drain installation

1, according to the caliber of the water pipe in advance with a good floor drain

The first is a procurement process, not blindly to the market, so easy to buy wrong, in exchange for trouble. We should know in advance the caliber of the floor drain. At present, the PVC pipe is generally 50. If it is cast iron, it should be larger. The diameter of the floor drain should be matched with the diameter of the PVC pipe, and the reserved hole for drainage should be large. Some renovations will be repaired, so according to the size of the floor drain to do the drain, it is not recommended to repair the entire drainage outlet, go buy floor drain.

2, floor drain installation location

Before the installation, we need to determine the orientation of the installation. This way, it is convenient to set aside some slopes when laying the bricks. The position of the floor drain is preferably on the edge of the tile. If it is in the middle of the brick, it is not conducive to drain.

3, floor drain and drain connections

Usually it will bring a small pipe, put it into the drain pipe, and then aim the drain core at the drain, brushing a layer of cement is basically no problem. If the floor drain leaks back and forth, or there are gaps, then it is prone to leakage. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the adhesion and sealing of the floor drain and the water pipe joints, which can be sealed with a professional adhesive or glass glue.

How to do bathroom floor drain waterproof

1, ground leveling

The first thing to do is to level and use cementitious cement materials to operate. Levels can only be achieved after the standard has been reached, so as to avoid leakage due to uneven thickness of the waterproof coating.

2, determine the elevation

This is a key step. After confirming the vertical height, stabilize the layer to find a certain gentle slope, lay the leveling layer, seal and waterproof the floor drain, apply a waterproof layer for the additional layer, and store the water.

3, clean, smooth

When the main part and the pipe are all arranged, the surrounding impurities should be removed. Then the formwork should be supported at the bottom of the board, and then it should be moistened by watering. Finally, the fine stone concrete should be poured, compacted, plugged and smoothed.

4. Slope retention trough

From the flat ground to the main part of the layout of the place to find 1% ~ 2% of the slope, 50mm near the slope should be 3% to 5%, but also to stay around the 20mm × 20mm groove.

5, water storage test

Carefully observe that no leakage can be considered qualified.

Summary: The above is the relevant information that Xiao Bian brings to you today about the waterproof construction of bathroom floor drains . I believe that my friends also have a certain understanding. We can refer to the waterproof floor construction steps for toilets . I hope this article will help you. Oh.

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