3d painted background wall features 3d painted background wall installation points

Nowadays, the decoration will be designed on the background wall. Not only the wallpaper is used for decoration, but also the 3D painting is more popular nowadays. It gives people a very good feeling and is artistic, so what are the 3D painted walls ? Features? What are the installation points for the 3D painted wall? If you want to install a 3D painted wall, let's take a look at the decoration of the home.


The characteristics of a 3d painted wall

1. Three-dimensional modeling, art design

The 3D background wall is different from the traditional wallpaper and board painting. The 3D background wall is a better fusion of art and decoration. The 3D smart shape gives a three-dimensional feeling, or simple, or fashionable, or noble, or imposing, or broad. Or vast, decorative walls give people a visual impact and a sense of resonance. The 3D background wall gives you the imagination to shape your beautiful living space, highlight your personality and enhance your lifestyle.

2.DIY design, amazing combination

Whether it is the innovative material 3D background wall or the curved wood furniture 3D background wall, the modular design makes the product can be assembled according to personal preference, such as the Rubik's cube, and can be transformed into a one-word type and a field type. Vertical strip type and other arbitrary combinations, can be hanged alone, but also a variety of combinations, but also personality DIY, so that the wall decoration is no longer unchanged, the pattern shape changes with the heart, every day has new ideas!


Second, 3d painted background wall installation points

1. Before the construction of the 3D background wall, the surface residue must be removed from the surface of the paving surface. The dry, flat and wet areas should be waterproofed. When used with other materials, keep a gap of 2mm or more to maintain the aesthetics and coordination between different materials; use the TV background wall or living room wall that needs to be customized according to the actual size, because the background wall is pressed There is no space, so the size can be based on the actual amount. If the area is larger, you can reduce 2-3MM.

2. When many owners decorate the wall, they think that they must be lighted on the background wall. Although the background wall will absorb the eyeball under the illumination of the light, long-term viewing will constitute visual fatigue, which is not good for visual health, and is not conducive to energy conservation. Before you lay out the location of the power outlet, you should plan well. Don't wait until the completion of the work, you will find that there is a problem with the line installation.

3, some owners mistakenly believe that as long as the wall of the TV must be made into a background wall, regardless of small factors. In fact, for owners with small house space, it is not appropriate to decorate the wall for TV. In addition, even if the space is large, the wall is not as large as possible. The size of the wall should be determined according to the size of the room and the size of the TV.

The background wall is the design that we must have in the decoration of the house. Whether it is the bedroom wall or the living room wall, we have to carefully design it. What are the characteristics and installation points of the 3D painted wall? I think you I also know about these through the introduction of Xiaobian, then if you still want to know more about decoration information, please continue to pay attention to the decoration home Internet cafe.

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