Functional requirements for mechanical seal materials

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Functional requirements for mechanical seal materials

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The function of the sealing material is an important factor to ensure the useful sealing; the sealing material is selected; mainly based on the working environment of the sealing element; such as the application temperature, working pressure, working medium and motion method. The basic requirements for the sealing material are as follows:
1. Have certain mechanical functions; such as tensile strength, elongation, etc.
2. Elastic and hardness are appropriate; tightening forever deformation.
3. High temperature and low temperature; no differentiation and softening at high temperature; no hardening at low temperature
4. Compatible with the working medium; no swelling, differentiation, hardening, etc.
5. Good resistance to oxygen and aging; durable,
6. Resistant to wear; does not corrode metals,
7. Easy to shape and process; low price,

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