What kinds of kitchen and bathroom ceilings are there? Kitchen and bathroom ceiling decoration method

There are many places in the room that need to be used for the ceiling. Now I will give you a brief introduction to the kitchen and bathroom ceiling . When I talk about this kitchen and bathroom ceiling friends, I would like to know some kitchen and bathroom ceilings. What is the decoration method? What kind of precautions do you have when you hang the ceiling? I believe that everyone can see how the decoration method of the kitchen and bathroom can be quickly learned, and this ceiling has some introductions of some types of materials.


First, the type of kitchen and bathroom ceiling

1. The aluminum buckle plate belongs to the metal material as baking paint and metal film. There are also some advantages that can be flame retardant and prevent moisture. The board surface is flat, the ridge line is distinct, and the atmosphere is elegant. It can be said that the ceiling of the kitchen and bathroom is selected. Not expensive. If cleaning is to be done, use a suction cup or a special plate remover. Nowadays, the aluminum gussets are rich in color and the decoration effect is very good.

2, waterproof gypsum board to make the kitchen and bathroom ceiling, then beautiful and beautiful look optional, generally used for space decoration with large environmental humidity, such as bathroom, shower room and kitchen, etc., also has high waterproof, surface water absorption ≤ 160g/m2, the water absorption rate is about 5%. Waterproof gypsum board construction generally uses light steel keel skeleton, pay attention to the hanging ribs to brush anti-rust paint.

Second, the decoration method

1, the kitchen to do this ceiling is to first stabilize the hood and how to connect the flue, the other end choose the location of the hood needs to be installed, and buy the kitchen lamp, but do not need to install, then install the ceiling, then install Lights, it is best not to install large fixtures directly on the ceiling.

2, the bathroom to do the ceiling, first to install the exhaust fan and other exhaust fan, and then to do the roof ceiling, do not install the exhaust fan or Yuba directly on the aluminum plate, can be directly suspended from the top of the concrete with expansion bolts If the exhaust hose of the exhaust fan is relatively long (more than 1 meter), it is best to let the working person fix it to the top, otherwise the exhaust pipe will vibrate when the exhaust fan is opened, only need to use scotch tape Fixed it.


Third, matters needing attention

1. Pay attention to the use of wood keel after the installation of the material, the use of fire in the process to prevent water moisture, material selection. At present, aluminum gussets are commonly used in home decoration, which can basically overcome some defects such as excessive length of the PVC board, which is easy to turn yellow, and aging is easy to break; the greasy substance sticking is difficult to clean.

2. Do not use plastic sheets that are not solid and very soft. In the process of installing aluminum-plastic panels, wood board should be used to support the bottom. Therefore, if the treatment is not good in moisture, the consequences will be unimaginable.

3, there are many things placed in the cabinet, and can not be done to the ceiling to the ceiling, so that some space will be vacated, affecting the beauty, so it can be filled by the ceiling.

4, the ceiling also needs to hide some connecting wires inside, we must pay attention to the installation sequence is accurate.

What kind of materials and materials are available for the kitchen and bathroom ceilings, and friends can choose. What are the decoration methods for the kitchen and bathroom ceilings and the precautions for the kitchen and bathroom ceilings have been learned in the article. In addition to this, we also want to know other knowledge. Our decoration home network has a lot of decorative information, and friends have come to continue to pay more attention.

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