How can a trace of the traces of your science tree mahogany furniture be repaired?

After repairing the traces of mahogany furniture, after using the furniture in daily life for a period of time, it will inevitably cause some hot marks, scratches, burn marks, etc., which make people feel uncomfortable and how to repair the traces of mahogany furniture. This article aims at this. A topic for everyone to make an introduction, the following will follow a product Haishu Xiaobian together to understand it.

Placed directly on the surface of mahogany furniture, containers of hot water will leave a white circle on the mahogany furniture. Generally, it will be removed as soon as it is wiped. However, if the hot marks are too deep, they must be lightly rubbed with ordinary iodine, or some petrolatum should be coated on the hot mark. After two days, the hot marks can be removed by wiping with a soft cloth. You can also use a soft cloth dipped in alcohol, perfume or kerosene, wipe hard, white hot marks will be removed, remove the hot marks after the application of a soft cloth, wipe clean water, and then coated with a layer of light wax.
How to repair damaged mahogany furniture surface

Mahogany furniture has gradually been welcomed by collectors in recent years. In daily life, everyone has chosen mahogany furniture as a home decoration, but if the furniture is scratched or damaged, how to repair it is something that people have always been worried about. In the case of dents on the surface of mahogany furniture, the appearance of blemishes on the surface, and the first principle in maintenance is to comply with the wood. You can use these methods to repair.

Remove old paint. If you want to remove the paint from the furniture, you can remove the paint on the painted surface of the furniture and remove the old paint. After washing and drying, smooth it with fine sandpaper to repaint it.

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Repair paint. Solid wood furniture, especially tables and coffee tables, are prone to burning damage. If the furniture finish is damaged by burning, a thin hard cloth can be wrapped around the toothpicks, gently wipe the marks, and then coat with a thin layer of wax. The marks can be removed; if the furniture finish is scratched, use a crayon or paint that matches the color of the furniture, apply it to the wound surface of the furniture, cover the exposed background, and then apply a thin layer of clear nail polish. The wax oil is dripping on the furniture surface. Do not scratch it with a sharp knife or nails. Wait until the light is good during the day. Use plastic sheets, hold both hands tightly, and tilt it forward. Slowly remove the wax from the front of the body. Then wipe it with a muslin.

Scratches If the mahogany furniture is accidentally scratched but does not touch the wood under the paint film, a small amount of wax can be used to apply the wax to the paint film to cover the flaw. After the wax has hardened, apply another layer. Repeatedly several times, the scratches will not be noticeable. After the formation, you will need to make a beeswax to complete the work.

Drums on the furniture surface. Once the product decoration veneer of the product has bubbled, you can use a sharp blade to cut a knife along the direction of the grain in the middle of the bubble. Then use a syringe to inject the glue into the seam and use your finger to gently press on the upper part of the bubble and it will overflow. The glue is wiped clean with a damp cloth and then pressed with a weight that is smooth on the bottom surface and larger than the bubbling area. In order to prevent a small amount of glue from overflowing after the pressurization, the peripheral surface of the blisters may be damaged, and the blisters may be covered with a plastic film, so that the decorative veneer is smoothed.

Repair cracks. Solid wood furniture such as due to thermal expansion and contraction cracks, the following remedial measures can be used; the old cotton or broken sacks burned into ash, and then mix with raw Tung oil into a paste, embedded in the cracks in the wood, after the shade can be filled cement. Or, tear the newspaper into pieces. Add some alum and clear water, boil a thick paste, cool it and apply it to the cracks in the wood. After drying, it is very firm.

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