Wrigley tile quality how to choose a good tile how to choose

Now it is essential to decorate the tile materials, but it is difficult for people to choose from various brands, styles and materials. Wrigley is a comprehensive sanitary brand with domestic strength and influence. Introduce the quality of Wrigley tiles and share tips on how to buy tiles. Let's take a look.

How Wrigley Tile Quality

1. What is Wrigley's tile quality ? Wrigley is an Italian brand. It was the first international brand to produce ceramic art. From the very beginning, it provided people with natural and comfortable real stone tile products, thus affecting the whole world and allowing Wrigley's The development is very rapid.

2. In our country Wrigley ceramic tile headquarters is located in Foshan, in addition to Guangdong Shaoguan, Sihui and Jiangxi Jingdezhen has a production base. The equipment for the production of tiles is also based on Italy's full intelligent management system, with an annual production capacity of 30 million m 2 /year.

How to choose a good tile

1. Determine what type of tile to buy

Before the purchase, you need to make some preparations in advance, such as determining the type of tile, in general, the tiles in the living room and dining room. It is recommended to select the polished tile, which can be paved without soaking, followed by a good abrasion resistance, smooth appearance, and late cleaning. It is also simple and convenient; if you choose the bathroom, that simple glazed tiles, due to good anti-skid properties.

2. Choose good word of mouth for good tile

Choosing a well-known and affordable brand is the best. It not only guarantees quality and after-sales service, but also allows you to choose from a wide range of products.

3. Look at the appearance of the tiles

The quality of the tiles determines the quality of the tiles. When we look at the appearance of the tiles, there are no color differences, whether the sizes are uniform, whether the edges are even, and whether the lines are clear.

4. Tile feel

In the purchase, you can touch the tiles, feel the feel of the next tile, to understand if it is delicate, there is no great friction.

5. Listen to the sound of tapping tiles

When you strike the surface of the tile by hand, the sound produced by the sound is relatively crisp and generally of good quality. If the sound is dumb, the quality is poor.

6. Observe the thickness of the glaze layer

In general, tiles with thick glazed layers will have higher moisture resistance. Also observe cracks on the surface of the tiles.

7. Perform a small water absorption experiment

Pour the water on the tile without diffusion; flip the tiles over and drop some water on the back. The slower the seepage, the more dense the texture and the better the inner quality.

Article Summary: The above content is only to introduce the quality of Wrigley tiles and how to buy tiles. If you want to know about these two friends, you can seriously read the above content to get the information and help you want. In the future, we can better choose a good tile product for our own decoration.

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