How about the quality of solid wood furniture in Xi'an? Vicarlton to dispel your doubts

Xi'an Shangdi Furniture is a home furnishing enterprise integrating design, production and sales. Under the people-oriented concept of furniture development, this company has a strong design and development team and the current industry* advanced full set of Italian woodworking production equipment, to give you the most suitable and most satisfactory home use experience as its mission, and constantly blaze new trails! Enterprise positioning - the market is always in the customer's changing needs in the corporate mission - furniture is just a customer's understanding of life, attitude, and functional requirements of the carrier! Do not do the most expensive only do the most! Business goals - tree hundred years of business, to do the industry pioneer! Corporate slogan - no move, no water! Your demand is our product! Xi'an Shangdi Furniture Factory produces and processes custom villa furniture, such as red oak solid wood sofa, coffee table, TV cabinet, drawer cabinet, double bed, wardrobe, wine cabinet, office cabinet, hall cabinet, desk bookcase and other civilian furniture. You can also customize various materials solid wood furniture.

Many urbanites are hoping for a return to their natural lives in the home life and enjoying the natural environment of living in rural areas. 100% of the material selected from natural Xi'an solid wood furniture meets everyone's psychological needs. Whether it is antique Chinese furniture, it is still luxurious European classical The natural elegance of the furniture and solid wood furniture and the richness of the old-fashioned furniture give people a special liking. Since the lifespan of the solid wood furniture can last for decades, it is very important to do a good job of maintenance.
Xi'an brand furniture companies mostly produce solid wood furniture

Of the 120 valid questionnaires in this survey, 87 respondents indicated that they had purchased solid wood furniture or preferred solid wood furniture. Mr. Chen near Tumen in Xi’an said: “I like to buy solid wood furniture for several reasons. One is that it belongs to high-end products. There is also face when it comes to home; the second is that solid wood furniture is very durable and normally used for decades. There is no problem; Third, there are fewer plastic furniture, more environmentally friendly; Fourth, if it is high-grade mahogany furniture, there is value for collection.

Xi'an's local brand furniture companies mostly produce solid wood furniture, such as Nanyang Dike, Yuanmu, Hangu craft, Xinye, Xintai dynasty, and Dirry Dynasty. According to Ma Fanchun, marketing director of Xintai Dynasty, “Shaanxi people have a simple and honest temperament and are deeply influenced by Chinese traditional culture. They prefer to have pure wood furniture with classical charm. Second, Shaanxi is located in the northwest region and has a relatively dry climate. More suitable for the use of solid wood furniture, so there are more solid wood furniture companies in Shaanxi."

Consumer reminder: price is not the only standard to measure the quality of solid wood furniture

Many consumers have entered a misunderstanding that the higher the price of solid wood furniture is the real solid wood, the price is low, but do not trust to buy. "Actually, solid wood furniture is also sorted and priced according to the quality of the wood." Ma Fanchun said that the prices of traditional Chinese style mahogany furniture and European furniture are generally higher. Ordinary solid wood furniture will also use pine wood and other relatively cheap wood types, so it is the same solid wood furniture, the price difference is also relatively large.

"The different positioning of the store is also the reason for the spread." Ma Fanchun said that due to the different positioning of the store, the same product on different stores, the price will have a certain gap. When consumers purchase solid wood furniture, they must learn more about materials and contrasts in order to buy products that are satisfactory.

Dust removal wax is very important

Xi'an solid wood furniture has the appearance of paint, so the maintenance and maintenance of the paint film is very important. Once the paint film is damaged, it not only affects the beauty, but also affects the internal structure of the merchandise. Therefore, if the office furniture looks dirty, it must not be rubbed hard. Avoid the use of alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents in addition to stains. Everyday should be quietly wiped with a dry cotton soft cloth to remove the appearance of dust, every three months to six months, then use wet cotton cloth and gentle soap and water to wipe the furniture as a whole Remove the stains and old wax, wipe it and wait until the water evaporates, then scratch the special pure wood furniture and polish it from scratch, and then grind it quietly to form a new maintenance film.

Do not use plastic and rubber

Avoid laying plastic tablecloths and cushions on the exterior of solid wood furniture for a long time. The chemical composition in plastics may damage the coating. Some people write on solid wood tables, prefer to place a plastic pad on the table to avoid pen tip damage to office furniture, and claim to be able to Decorative tablecloths or small felt mats made of natural fabrics are placed between the plastic mat and the table. Since chemical substances in the plastic, rubber or nylon product will enter and soften the coating, sags and fades occur. The furniture exhibits scratches. The influence is beautiful and affects the service life. Therefore, care should be taken not to touch the hard object and metal objects and furniture directly, so as to maintain the exterior appearance of the bruises.

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