Foam Bladder Tank with Proportioner & Deluge Valve Pre-Piped

  • Model NO.: PHYML
  • Type: Horizontal or Verti⪞al
  • Flow Capability: 4L/S
  • PA⪞king: Wooden Pallet /Wooden ⪞ase
  • Transport Package: Wooden Pallet
  • Origin: Made in ⪞ Hina
  • Material: &⪞apdot;0#
  • Color: Red or Yellow
  • Conne⪞tion: Flange
  • Trademark: BAIAN OR OEM
  • Specification: &⪞ apdot; 0# material
Foam Bladder Tank with Proportioner & Deluge Valve Pre-Piped

TIime:fluid for mixer in a certain mixing ratio and a flow of feed liquid press the calculation time
V:liquid strorage capacity(L)
Q:mixing capacity liters per second(L/S)
λ:The mixing ration of 3%or 6%

Foam bladder tank
Fixed foam bladder tank(500 liter)

1.Accessories:tank safety valve,rubber,non-return valve,liquid meter,ball valve

2.Type:vertical or horizontal



1.Saving the foam liquid

2.Widely use in high,middle and low expansion foam

Brief Information Of Foam Bladder Tank

The Baian foam bladder tank is a steel pressure vessel fitted with an internal bladder that stores foam 

concentrate .During operation ,water supplied to the bladder tank displaces the foam concentrate and 

collapses the bladder until the concentrate is depleted .

The bladder tank discharges foam concentrate is at approximately the same pressure as the water 

supplied at the water inlet connection to the tank .Since the bladder tank is pressurized , the bladder

should not be refilled during operation .Frequently used in aircraft hangars ,loading racks ,sprinkler

system , and offshore platforms.

Materials and Specifications of Structures of Foam Bladder Tank

1) The bladder tank body is made of 20# high quality carbon structural steel (under codes and standards

of China and ISO, detailed contents are: C :0.17~0.24; Si:0.17~0.37; Mn:0.35~0.65; S :≤0.035; P :≤0.035; Cr:≤0.25; Ni:≤0.25; Cu:≤0.25). This kind of steel is suitable for the welding and construction of tanks for fire fighting foam proportioning system utility.
2) Bladder in nitrile butadiene rubber and polyester, available of the tensile strength that ensures no

ruptures under operation conditions.
3) Main valves are made of corrosion resistant stainless steel.
4) Pipe networks made of seamless steel pipe. The inlet and outlet of ratio controller will be in DN100 (4")

with a pressure from 6 bar up to 12 bar. 

Foam Bladder Tank with Proportioner & Deluge Valve Pre-Piped
Foam Bladder Tank with Proportioner & Deluge Valve Pre-Piped

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FACTORY VIEWFoam Bladder Tank with Proportioner & Deluge Valve Pre-Piped


1.Q:Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?

   A: We are a manufacturer.

2.Q:How can i get some sample?

    A: We are honored to offer you samples for free.

3.Q:Where is your factory located?how can i visit there?

   A:Our factory is located in nan'an city.fujian provience, china,all our clients,we are welcome to visit us.

4.Q:OEM is available?


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