Sandvik Coromant launches the largest model of Coromant Capto standard interface

The Coromant Capto interface C10 model is designed to improve the machining performance of large machine tools when performing demanding processes. It allows for higher feed rates and greater depth of cut, especially for aerospace applications. , parts of the gas turbine and railway runner industry.
The Coromant Capto interface has a flange diameter of 100 mm, which effectively transmits the torque generated under heavier loads, provides higher flexural strength and metal removal rate, and significantly improves machining accuracy in applications. By using the reduced diameter rods together for tool assembly, this largest interface model maximizes the stability of turning and milling tools and provides high rigidity for extended tools.
The C10 model is equipped with a full range of tool mounting components, including basic tool holders, reducers and extensions. Interface semi-finished products are also available, which can be machined according to the needs of individual tools, which allows for greater flexibility.
The Coromant Capto interface is a true modular system that enables complete tool interchangeability across different machines in the shop floor, reducing inventory and reducing costs. In addition, the use of Coromant Capto interfaces on multi-tasking machines, turning centers and machining centers provides machining flexibility and faster tool change operations.

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