Spring corn fertilizer application technology

(1) The base fertilizer spring corn is mainly based on base fertilizer, supplemented by topdressing fertilizer; farmyard manure is mainly supplemented by chemical fertilizer; nitrogen fertilizer is the main factor, phosphate fertilizer is supplemented; panicle fertilizer is the main principle, and granular fertilizer is the basic principle of fertilization. The base fertilizer should generally account for about 70% of the total fertilization. Most of the phosphate fertilizer should also be combined with the base fertilizer. Generally, it should be combined with autumn tillage in the first year. When applying the base fertilizer, it should be evenly mixed with the soil, generally 37.5-60 tons of farmyard manure per hectare of base fertilizer. If nitrogen fertilizer is used as the base fertilizer, 375 kg of ammonium bicarbonate or 150 kg of urea can be applied per hectare. Must be applied in depth to prevent nitrogen loss. In the phosphorus-deficient soil, 450-600 kg of calcium phosphate per hectare is applied; in the potassium-deficient soil, 150 kg of potassium chloride per hectare is applied; in the zinc-deficient soil, 15 kg of zinc sulfate heptahydrate is applied per hectare.
(2) Before the spring planting of the seed fertilizer, use a small amount of farmyard manure with a suitable amount of nitrogen or phosphate fertilizer to apply or apply as a corn seed fertilizer.
(3) Topdressing corn fertilization is an important measure for high-yield cultivation of corn. Due to the long growth period of spring maize, the growth of seedlings is slow, and the nutrient absorption is less. Therefore, the spring corn topdressing adopts the "pre-light and heavy" fertilization method, that is, 1/3 of the top dressing is applied before the jointing of the corn. Apply urea 75-150 kg, apply 2/3 of topdressing at the big bell mouth, and apply 150-300 kg of urea per hectare to meet the needs of nutrients in the spikelets, floret differentiation and grain formation stage of maize ears. It was confirmed that the spring corn adopts the "pre-light and heavy" fertilization method, which is 13.3% higher than the "pre-weight and light" fertilization method.
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