Henan Province Abrasives Quality Supervision and Inspection Station launched an open day event to the public

On November 12, 2009, Henan Province Abrasives Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station launched an open day event to the public. On the opening day, more than ten representatives of enterprises and guests took the snow to come to Henan Province Abrasives Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station for safety promotion activities. Under the leadership of the director of the quality inspection station, Zhong Yanzheng, I visited the relevant laboratories of the Quality Inspection Center to observe the work flow of the inspection department and feel the office environment of the quality inspection organization. During the event, Henan Province Abrasives Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Station conducted free inspections of related products for the public, provided consulting services, and answered product quality questions.
During the visit, representatives and guests of the company learned that the center has newly introduced a number of testing instruments, equipped with VF-310 and XPF-1800 automatic fluorescence spectrometer, BD-86 X-ray diffractometer, QGX-9 atomic absorption spectrophotometer, Ultra-hard material shape analysis system, 2000 laser particle size analyzer, KH-7700 three-dimensional digital microscope, series rotary test machine, hardness machine and other analytical instruments and testing equipment, can inspect all kinds of ordinary abrasives, coated abrasives , super-hard abrasives and products, raw and auxiliary materials and other products.
After the visit, a symposium was held under the auspices of Director Zhong Yanzheng. At the meeting, the representatives conducted in-depth exchanges on product quality and safety issues and how to improve the work of the abrasive and abrasive products supervision and inspection station.
Ma Jianyong, Director of Quality Department of Baige Abrasives Co., Ltd. said that the quality inspection project should be more inclined from the basic indicators of the product to the performance index, giving more reference to the grinding performance and cutting performance of the grinding wheel. Director Ma also concluded that 90% of the accidents in the use of grinding wheels are in some irregular operations of individual enterprises, and should be legally regulated in response to user requirements and safety requirements, which can reduce many unnecessary legal liabilities for enterprises.
Chu Changming, general manager of Zhengzhou Kegang Abrasives Manufacturing Co., Ltd. suggested that in order to strengthen Zhengzhou's position as the production base of abrasives in China, the grinding wheel production in Zhengzhou must be started from the source. It is best for the enterprise to make a small sample before the production of the product, and then mass production after the test is passed. At the same time, it is suggested that it is necessary to organize experts to hold lectures in the industry to improve product quality in a diversified and multi-faceted manner. Manager Chu said that the grinding wheel was produced by the employees of the company, not by inspection.
Feng Jianze, general manager of Zhengzhou Deli Grinding Wheel Manufacturing Co., Ltd. said that the abrasive grinding quality inspection center has complete testing methods. How to use these advantages to do more testing for enterprises, more services, whether more enterprise management can be discussed further. Sexual.
Through this activity, the people have approached the quality inspection organization, let the public understand the quality inspection organization, let the people trust the effect of the quality inspection organization, and close the communication between the quality inspection organization and the masses.
It is reported that 65 statutory quality inspection agencies at the provincial level and 18 provincial cities in Henan Province were open to the public on the same day, accepting consumer consultation and demonstrating the process of testing the quality of products with high-tech equipment. This is also the first time that Henan has held the “Public Inspection Day Public Open Day” in the province.


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