Minutes of the enlarged meeting of the Third Council of the 3rd China Knife Association

The 3rd Council of China Knife Association 3rd Council was held in Xinlian Hotel, Guiyang City on September 16-17, 2009. Chairman Xing Min, Executive Vice President Wang Luzhou, Vice Chairman Wei Hualiang, Qi Yuanping, Guo Rui, Zhang Yunshan attended the meeting. 112 representatives from the standing directors, governing units and member units attended the meeting. Before the meeting, on the afternoon of 15th and evening, the vice chairman meeting and the standing council meeting were held respectively to review and approve the relevant agenda of the meeting. The meeting was presided over by Secretary General Shang Hongjun, and Chairman Xing Min made a report on the work of the Council.
Chairman Xing Min's work report entitled "Independent Innovation, Strengthening Cooperation, Steady Development, and Creating Win-Win" is divided into three parts: (1) Focusing on improving cutting efficiency and vigorously promoting advanced tool application technology. The focus is on the relevant work carried out by the China Knife Association in the past year; (2) Recognizing the situation facing the industry and taking the initiative to grasp the current situation to deal with the financial crisis. According to the spirit of the China Machine Federation General Assembly, combined with the characteristics of the industry, it expounds the current national economic situation and industry countermeasures recommendations; (3) closely follows the development of the manufacturing industry and actively applies modern and efficient tool technology. Focusing on the development needs of the manufacturing industry, it advocates the wide application of modern and efficient tool technology.
During the meeting of the Board of Directors, the “3rd Advanced Cutting Technology Forum of China Knife Association” was held as one of the important contents of the meeting. At the forum, a total of 8 technical experts from relevant institutions of higher learning, key user companies and key tool manufacturers made technical reports. The technical report of this forum made a wonderful technical speech from the advanced tool development technology, domestic and international tool market analysis, advanced cutting technology application in key industries, and independent research and development of advanced tools. The eight technical reports are:
(1) “Research-based optimization method of cutting parameters based on Professor Li Jianguang of Harbin Institute of Technology”;
(2) Wang Wei, Marketing Manager of Seco Tools (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., “continues to improve the position and role of cutting tools in the manufacturing industry”;
(3) "Technology of Titanium Alloy Processing" by Wu Jiang, Technical Director of Iskar Tool International Trading (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.;
(4) “CAPTO Technology and Application” by Sand Lichun, technical manager of Sandvik Coromant;
(5) Wu Tianming, deputy chief engineer of Shanghai Steam Turbine Works, “Turbine Manufacturing Technology and Advanced Tool Application Technology”;
(6) Shenyang Aircraft Industry (Group) Co., Ltd. researched Gao Tangchensheng's “Cutting Technology for Modern Aircraft Manufacturing Industry”;
(7) “The tool application of the aviation industry” by Huang Weiwu, the application department of Zhuzhou Diamond Cutting Tool Co., Ltd.;
(8) Liu Hao, Technical Director of Xiamen Jinlu Special Alloy Co., Ltd. “Exploration and Practice of Localization of Precision Cutting Tools”.
The meeting was held in a group discussion. Participants discussed extensively the hot issues of the current processing technology and problems of each unit, and the combination of production, education and research to promote technological progress. The delegates believe that production, education and research should work closely together to solve various problems of tool manufacturing and difficult processing technology by undertaking major national science and technology research projects; it is necessary to establish a systematic concept of modern processing technology based on reducing processing costs and improving production efficiency. Through a variety of targeted training, we will accelerate the development of cutting technology talents in tool development, design, manufacturing and application; tool manufacturers should take the initiative to provide services for users, provide overall solutions, and make new tool products. Promotion; emphasis on the use of advanced tool materials to improve tool quality and level.
The meeting also carried out the election and change of the vice chairman. The meeting voted and unanimously approved the addition of Shanghai Tool Factory General Manager Xia Sicheng and Xiamen Jinlu Special Alloy Co., Ltd. Chairman Wu Chongxi as the vice chairman of the China Knife Association Council; the meeting also unanimously agreed that the vice chairman unit Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd. The vice president of the company was changed to Zou Weiwen, chief craftsman of Dongfang Steam Turbine Co., Ltd.
The meeting was actively assisted by the Guiyang Xiaohe Tools Association, which facilitated the organization of the conference. All the representatives of the conference organized visits to Guizhou Southwest Tools (Group) Co., Ltd. and Guiyang Mining Machinery Factory. The Guiyang Xiaohe Development Zone Management Committee also invited representatives of the conference to hold a symposium. Guiyang Xiaohe Development Zone has a good tool manufacturing base and collaborative resources. Xiaohe Development Zone is eagerly expecting relevant parties to actively use their own advantages and actively participate in the development of Xiaohe Development Zone. Construction, cooperation and win-win.
The enlarged meeting of the Council was full of content, and the delegates of the meeting were very rewarding, which laid a good foundation for the future follow-up meeting of the China Knife Association.

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