VERICUT simulation change spindle attachment advanced machine tool

With the rapid development of CNC technology in China, the traditional trial-cutting workflow can no longer meet the requirements of current CNC technology. VERICUT software will optimize our workflow and verify the NC program and machine tool motion in the computer by digital means before the parts are processed.

I. Introduction

With the rapid development of numerical control technology in China, the processing capability and quality stability requirements for complex parts have become an important factor for the company to win market opportunities. Therefore, many advanced CNC machine tools are rapidly entering the industry market, such as multi-axis machine tools. , turning and milling composite, boring and milling machine, multi-spindle multi-turret machine tools. Proper use of these machines can reduce processing costs, increase production efficiency, reduce the number of clamping operations, and ensure product quality. However, how to effectively utilize and comprehensively develop the potential functions of excavators has become a very practical problem facing the industry.

Because the traditional trial cutting workflow has been unable to adapt to the current CNC technical requirements, such as: equipment safety, NC program accuracy, improve efficiency, reduce costs and other thin issues. VERICUT software will optimize our workflow to verify CNC programs and machine motion in a computer by digital means before part processing.

Traditional trial cutting process:

Process verified by VERICUT:

Second, the concept of machine tool simulation and verification

Machine simulation fully simulates the machine's motion structure and can inspect all machine components such as axis slides, spindle heads, turrets, rotary tables, spindles, tool changers, fixtures, cutting tools and other user-configured machine accessories Collisions and critical collisions between. The user can set a critical collision area around the part to detect critical collision conditions and overtravel errors around.

Third, VERICUT machine tool simulation and verification

VERICUT simulates and verifies 2-5 axis machining, machine collision check, machine stroke check, program error check, and VERICUT fully supports logic commands in CNC control system. Different machine tools, control systems, parts, program formats and function modules on the shop floor can support and implement accurate simulations.

Ø Support subroutine simulation function

Ø Multi-turret, multi-spindle head, subsystem control simulation

Ø Multi-process simulation, automatic blank transfer

Ø Parallel machine tool simulation

Ø Turning and milling complex machine tool simulation

Before the actual cutting, VERICUT CNC simulation software is used to carry out all-true machine simulation and simulation processing on the computer, which can eliminate errors in the program, such as: cutting the workpiece, damaging the fixture, breaking the tool or colliding the machine tool, improving the CNC production efficiency. Shorten the production cycle and enhance the competitiveness of enterprises.

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