Honing process and its application in the manufacture of automotive parts (4)

5. Strong ability to correct holes

Due to the lack of various other processing techniques, some processing defects will occur during the processing. Such as: out of round, bell mouth, corrugated hole, small size, waist drum shape, taper, trowel pattern, reamer pattern, rainbow shape, hole deviation and surface roughness.

The honing process can greatly improve the dimensional accuracy, roundness, straightness, cylindricity and surface roughness of the holes and the outer circle by removing the minimum machining allowance.

Application of honing technology in automobile manufacturing

Advanced precision hole processing equipment and technology are widely used in automotive and parts processing industries. Typical applications include engine block, cylinder liner, connecting rod, gear, oil pump nozzle, brake pump, brake drum, cylinder, and steering gear. , supercharger, etc. Such as:

1. honing Fuel Injection Equipment industry applications <br> <br> Sunnen KGM-5000 series honing machine is for industry Fuel Injection plunger and the development of high-precision honing machine, remove the amount of 0.01mm, processing a total period of 30 Second; roundness 0.0005 mm; straightness 0.0007 mm; surface roughness Ra 0.06. Achieving the goal of completely grinding, thus greatly improving the performance and life of the oil pump nozzle, fully meet the domestic sewage standards.

2. honing gear in the hole in the application <br> <br> now widely used in automotive gear honing process of planetary gear, sun gear, a double gear.

3. In the honing part booster according to the particular application <br> <br> structure material and the inner bore of the turbocharger center housing, as can be electroplated diamond abrasive grains of the honing tool sets, a multi-type vertical shaft structure, can be Achieve rough machining, semi-finishing, finishing and deburring in a cycle, and multi-station turntable can automate the machining process and improve work efficiency.

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