EdgeCAM text processing

In the application of CAM software, the use of text is more common. You can use the text function to make embossing or intaglio in the place where you need it. In addition to using some professional engraving software, using EdgeCAM can also help you easily. Class work.

First, the placement of text

In use, we complete the placement of the text in design mode. The command for text is: Modeling -> Text. After using the command, the "Create Text Features" dialog box (Figure 1) pops up. Here you can see that EdgeCAM provides two kinds of text, namely vector text and TrueType text. You can choose one of them during use.

The settings for mirroring, height, size, auto adjustment, rotation, and position adjustment for both types of text are:

Mirror: Forms mirrored text horizontally and vertically along the position of the key points of the text.

Height: Enter the size of the text.

Vertical: The direction of the text.

Auto adjustment: Adjust the position of the text according to the input rectangle.

Rotate: Adjust the angle of the text centering on the key points.

Adjustment: Place the key points in the left, center or right position of the text as needed.

Name: The name of the given text can be given as needed.

Vector text: According to the given string, get the text of the line, its text can only be letters and numbers. In processing and use, it is generally used for intaglio of numbers and letters.

The TureType font, according to the given string, gets the wireframe text. When the text is used, it calls the font of the computer system. Therefore, it is possible to satisfy the need by adding various fonts to the computer. In use, various adjustment functions, such as distance between text, bold, tilt, and kerning are similar to the operation commands of the word software. When blasted, the string can be broken into line segments. Of course, after the blast, it is not allowed to edit and modify the text again in text mode. When using it, it is generally recommended not to blast it. If the line segment method is needed, an offset can be obtained.

Once you have determined the text, you can type the text in the window. When inputting, if automatic adjustment is selected, the rectangle formed by two points is used to determine the key point of the text. Otherwise, the mouse input is the key position.

In addition, when you use it, you can also input the text by reading the 2D text in AutoCAD, which saves the process of creating a text model.

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