Three considerations for fertilization of grapes

1. Fertilization must be diligent. In order to increase the growth of various seedlings, the principle of diligence should be adhered to throughout the production period. When the seedlings grow to 8 leaves, the liquid fertilizer should be applied (pour) once every 7-10 days, so that the nutrients are continuously supplied. Miao absorption.
2, the amount of fertilizer must be more. Thin fertilization can not be understood as eating less meals. Under the principle of low concentration, you should insist on eating more meals, fertilizing must be diligent, and the amount of fertilizer must be more. The proportional liquid fertilizer is applied (cast) to the root of the seedling, so that the roots are directly absorbed into the nutrients. Only in this way can we really play the role of diligent application.

3. The concentration must be low. Human excrement, the ratio of manure water to water adheres to 1:4, and gradually increases to 1:3 as the seedlings continue to grow. It is 1 part of fertilizer plus 4 parts of water or 1 part of fertilizer plus 3 parts of water. Cannot be increased to a 1:2 concentration. Nitrogen is mainly used before August, and 0.3%-0.5% urea can be added to each applied (cast) liquid fertilizer. After August, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer should be added, and 1% concentration of compound fertilizer should be added to each applied (poured) liquid fertilizer. Adding chemical fertilizers must be applied after sufficient dissolution and stirring.

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