Dry cutting process application (2)

US Gleason uses a carbide hob to machine bevel gears on a Phoenix machine with dry-cutting. Compared with conventional high-speed steel tool wet cutting, the cutting time is reduced by 50%, and the surface roughness of the gear is significant. The reduction and geometric accuracy are also greatly improved, and the machining accuracy can reach AGMA 12~13. The company's GP series gear hobbing machine, with its unique design, makes its dry cutting quality comparable to wet cutting quality. The bed is designed as a large angled slope to facilitate chip flow. The inside of the bed is circulated and cooled to help maintain heat balance. In addition, the machine is equipped with a vacuum dedusting and dust removal system. This series of hobbing machines has a hobbing speed of up to 3000r/min. The high-speed dry cutting method has the following advantages: First, because it eliminates the oil chip separation process, the cooling oil tank and the oil waste separation device and the corresponding electrical equipment, Therefore, the machine tool is compact. Secondly, this method greatly improves the processing environment; processing costs are also greatly reduced. In order to further extend the tool life and improve the quality of the workpiece, 10~1000ml of lubricating oil per hour can be used for minor lubrication during dry gear cutting. The chips produced by this method can be considered as dry chips. The accuracy, surface quality and internal stress of the workpiece are not adversely affected by the micro-lubrication. Process monitoring can also be carried out with automatic control equipment.

LMT-Fette uses a carbide cutter to dry-roll the gears, which significantly reduces the processing time and cost of the gears. The KC250H dry hobbing machine developed by Japan's Kento Iron Works uses carbide carbide hob, cold air cooling and micro-lubrication to perform high-speed hobbing. Due to the supply of cold temperature with stable temperature, the thermal deformation of the workpiece is extremely small. Compared with the traditional high-speed steel hob KA220 wet hobbing machine, the processing speed is increased by 3.2 times and the gear precision is also significantly improved.

Third, summary

Compared with wet cutting, dry cutting not only greatly improves the machine tool production efficiency, reduces the processing cost of the workpiece, but also helps to protect the environment and save natural resources. In foreign countries, dry cutting research and application are relatively extensive. According to statistics from relevant departments, nearly half of the companies in Western Europe currently use dry cutting. Although some institutions in China are engaged in research work in this area, their application in the field of gear processing is still blank.

The ISO and JIS14000 series of standards were established in 1996, respectively, which have strict regulations on environmental management and monitoring. Their implementation is undoubtedly another challenge to the export of China's machine tool products. In order to improve the technical content and technological innovation capability of our products, it is necessary and urgent to carry out research and development of dry cutting technology in the invincible position in the international market competition.

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