Mixed pesticides four taboos

First, pesticides that have chemical reactions after mixing pesticides can not be used with Bordeaux mixture and stone mixture. They can prevent and cure a variety of diseases, but they will chemically change quickly after mixing, resulting in dark brown copper sulfide precipitation. This not only destroys the original bactericidal ability of the two agents, but also produces copper ions which will further produce copper ions, causing defoliation, fruit drop, burning lesions in leaves and fruits, or severe phytotoxicity such as shrinkage. Therefore, the combination of these two pesticides will have the opposite effect. The crops sprayed with Bordeaux mixture are usually sprayed with a rock spray agent for about 30 days, otherwise phytotoxicity will occur. Stone mixture and rosin mixture, organic mercury pesticides, soap or heavy metal pesticides can not be mixed.

Second, acid and alkaline pesticides can not be mixed. Commonly used pesticides are generally classified into three categories: acidic, alkaline and neutral. Fluoride, sodium arsenate, etc. are neutral pesticides. Copper sulfate, sodium fluorosilicate, chalk, and superphosphate are acidic pesticides. Rosin mixture, stone flow agent, Bordeaux mixture, aluminum arsenate, soap, lime, lime nitrogen, etc. are alkaline. When the acid-base pesticides are mixed together, they will decompose and destroy, reduce the efficacy, and even cause phytotoxicity. Most organophosphate insecticides such as dimethoate, chlorpyrifos, malathion, ammonium phosphate, etc. and some microbial pesticides such as chunremycin, jinggangmycin, chlorfenapyr, and pig rice net, daisen zinc, With ammonium, etc., can not be mixed with alkaline pesticides. The above pesticides should not be sprayed after the crops are applied with lime or grass ash.

3. The pesticide that has been destroyed by the emulsion after mixing cannot be used. Calcium-containing pesticides such as calcium arsenate, stone flow agents, calcium methyl arsenate, and the like. Generally, it cannot be mixed with emulsion pesticides, and soap cannot be added. Because emulsifiable concentrates and soaps are easily chemically reacted with calcium-containing agents, calcium soap precipitates. The emulsion is destroyed, the efficacy is reduced, and phytotoxicity occurs.

Fourth, fungicide pesticides can not be mixed with microbial pesticides. The fungicide has a direct killing effect on microorganisms, and if the mixed microorganism is killed, the microbial pesticide is thus ineffective.
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