Eight reasons to choose Sima

Strong brand strength The Sima brand is a brand-name operation company that is well-known in the domestic hardware industry and jointly invested in the decoration hardware series. The company is the strongest hardware brand in China and even in Asia.

Excellent product quality The five factories that make up the Sima brand are the OEM bases of the world's hardware brands in China. Strict quality inspection system and demanding product acceptance standards have created the excellent product quality of Cima Hardware.

Strong product development capability Sima brand's proprietary product design and development team, the entire R&D center not only strives to develop new styles, materials, colors, but also strives for excellence in the pursuit of beauty and quality, and is in line with international standards. Hardware design style!

Complete and rich product system The Sima decorative hardware product line covers a series of products such as door locks, bathroom hardware accessories, engineering hardware, large handles and door control hardware. It is one of the most complete and richest products in the domestic industry.

The industry's first profit model, the Sima brand, first proposed the concept of the profit model of the decorative hardware industry, and pioneered the profit model of the decorative hardware industry. The profit model mainly includes: eight modules of daily management of storefront, image of terminal sales, hardware product system, corporate philosophy culture, sales practice marketing, product after-sales service, sales standard speech, and inventory management. Through the operational support of these eight modules, all partners who join the Sima brand will be fully guaranteed to enter a fast and stable profit direction.

The corporate culture of the system supports the clear positioning of the corporate brand and forges the soul of the development of Xima Hardware. Sima corporate culture comprehensively demonstrates the Sima brand MI concept recognition system and the office import image, unifies the Sima team's ideology, and creates the Sima team's external behavior model (BI).

The comprehensive market supports comprehensive technical training support and assists in setting marketing target strategies. Make full use of local resources, coexist and share prosperity, mutual restraint, common development, and win-win future!

The excellent store atmosphere has a team of experienced design experts to ensure that the atmosphere of the exhibition hall is leading. The Sima brand provides dealers with design drawings and POP promotional design materials to help dealers improve the store atmosphere and stimulate consumers' desire to purchase.

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