German machinery and equipment manufacturing is expected to recover further

Abstract In 2010, the production of mechanical equipment manufacturing in Germany increased by 8.8%, and will continue to maintain a prosperous situation in 2011. The Industry Association (VDMA) revised expectations for the 2011 outlook. Thomas Lindner, president of the association, said in Frankfurt recently...

In 2010, German machinery and equipment manufacturing production increased by 8.8%, and will continue to maintain a prosperous situation in 2011. The Industry Association (VDMA) revised expectations for the 2011 outlook. The association's president, Thomas Lindner, said in Frankfurt recently that the German machinery and equipment industry will continue to maintain a strong momentum. It is expected that the industry's production growth will reach 10% in 2011, compared with the earlier forecast of an increase of 8%.

The machinery and equipment manufacturing industry is a pillar industry in Germany, including many medium-sized enterprises and large listed companies such as Thyssen Knub, GEA and Gitmai, with a total employment of more than 900,000 people. Due to the economic crisis, the industry has laid off more than 9,000 people in 2010. With the recovery of the industry, there will be an increase of 20,000 jobs in 2011.

1, strong, thermostable
Because CPVC compares PP-R, PE-X to be firm. Compared with PP, the PE-X tube, under the similar pressure, CPVC may use a smaller caliber to achieve the same water flow, thereby saving material costs and installation time. Compares with other thermoplastic, CPVC has the remarkable mechanical property under the different temperature, is suitable for the bearing the situation, the application temperature may reach as high as 93°C, the life may amount to 50 years.

2, easy installation
The connection method are very similar with PVC. Most commonly used and simple connection method is resolver cementation. Other connection methods are threaded connection, flange connection and electrode connections.

3, non-corrosive oxygen permeability

CPVC have the anti-oxygen, therefore the oxygen seepage from the radiator will not bring metal corrosion.

4, reducing the infiltration of additives
In order to prevent oxidation, some modified plastics needs to increase the massive antioxidant that may be infiltrated into the water supply system ,causing the ill-smelling smell.
5, without the impact of chlorine in water
A lot of polyolefin materials (including PP, PE) may be decomposed with water, while CPVC is not affected by the impact of residual chlorine in water that there is no cracks and leakage.
6, good flame retardancy
CPVC limiting oxygen index is 60, therefore it will not burn in the air. It has the characteristics : misfires the flame decoction,not to increase the fire set,restrict flame spread,low smoke generation. 7, CPVC has excellent chemical resistance to non-polar strong acid and alkali. Commonly used to substitute the metal to process the corrosive material, such as the poor quality of water, acidic material alkaline matter and other peroxide solutions.

8, the low thermal conductivity
CPVC thermal conductivity is only 1.05. heat is not easy to disseminate from the pipeline, heat loss of pipeline is low.
9, bacteria breeding is not easy
CPVC is not influenced by the impact of residual chlorine in water. So it will not result in cracks and leaks. Inner wall of pipe is smooth, not easy to breed bacteria. The research indicated that the breeding of germs in CPVC pipe is far lower than other materials such as copper, steel and other plastic pipe.
10, low thermal expansion
CPVC thermal-expansion coefficient is lower than other plastics. The tube expansion is very small when tube-pass heat, unlike other types of channels (such as PP-RRP) due to the higher temperature caused by heat expansion coefficient that could cause snake bending,the existence safe hidden danger and eyesores.

11, the test of time
none of a thermoplastic material such as CPVC,avoid the maintenance after 40 year hot water system's test, and displays its excellent performance


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