Barley field can not spray acetylene ester

Jiang Jianxiang of Wulie Town, Dongtai City, recently called and said that the local 2 mu of barley was sprayed with acetylene ester, and sprayed with 15 g/liter of acetylene oxalate emulsifiable concentrate per acre with water. He asked how to save. It is understood that the acetylene ester products used are domestically produced samples and have not yet been registered.

Vinyl oxalate is a phenoxycarboxylic acid systemic post-emergence herbicide developed by Syngenta Crop Protection Co., Ltd., which is used to control wheat weeds such as Mai Niang, wild oats, ryegrass and foxtail. The drug is absorbed by the weed leaves and leaf sheaths, conducts through the phloem, accumulates in the meristem, inhibits the acetyl-CoA carboxylase, stops the fatty acid synthesis, and finally causes the weeds to die.

Li Qirong, head of Jiangsu Syngenta Crop Protection Co., Ltd., said in an interview that the company's 15% acetylene acetonide WP has a safety agent for wheat safety, so it is safe to use in wheat fields. However, this safener has no protective effect on barley, and it can cause phytotoxicity to barley in the application of wheat fields. The phytotoxicity is light, the barley leaves are yellow, and the growth is inhibited; the phytotoxicity is heavy and the plants die. Maiji 15% acetylene WP wettable powder is recommended to be 45~67.5g per hectare of pure medicine in winter wheat field, equivalent to 20~30g per acre. Use 15g/L of acetylene oxalate emulsifiable concentrate per acre, which is equivalent to a pure medicinal amount of 15g of acetylene oxalate wettable powder per acre. This amount is enough to cause phytotoxicity to barley, which may lead to the death of barley. seedling. Recently, the temperature has changed frequently, and the low temperature after spraying will aggravate the phytotoxicity and accelerate the death of the plant. At present, barley has entered the wintering period, and it has not been enough to replant. It can observe the symptoms of phytotoxicity of phytotoxic barley. If it is not very serious, it can spray foliar fertilizer such as potassium dihydrogen phosphate or humic acid to promote the growth of wheat seedlings.

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