Apple rotten fruit disease prevention and control

Apple rotten fruit diseases mainly include ring rot, black rot, anthracnose, brown rot, and rot, which can turn good fruit into residual fruit, affecting fruit yield and quality, thereby reducing the efficiency of orchard.
The apple rotten fruit disease usually infects the fruit from the young fruit period (May to July), and then appears to be latent. The autumn fruit forms a disease in the near maturity period (August to September), and the disease begins to appear after a short period of time. Especially in the late rainy season, it is very easy to occur in the case of temperature and humidity conditions.
Therefore, it is recommended that friends of fruit farmers must earnestly and comprehensively do a good job in ensuring fruit and promoting income.
1. Strengthening cultivation management to improve the disease resistance of the tree from the beginning of August, combined with spraying 3-4 times of poly candy, Gaomei Shi, leaf-preserving agent, Fuwan potassium and 0.5% potassium dihydrogen phosphate, interval 10-15 days. Look at the sky to use the water; stop the ring cutting and stripping, timely and appropriate autumn trimming, the diseased branches, long branches, and the branches and densely squeezed branches, thin parasitic branches to facilitate ventilation and light; timely inspection The bag is removed and some of the insect fruit, diseased fruit, rust fruit, malformed fruit, and sunburn fruit are removed to reduce nutrient consumption and enhance the tree potential to improve the tree's resistance to stress.
2, scientific selection of drugs after the appropriate period of August and September, is the mid-late mature apples in the maturity stage, but also the spread of the spread of pathogens, this time should be based on weather changes, as appropriate.
Generally, when there is no rain or little rain, it can be carried out as usual; if the rainfall is too high, the temperature and humidity are high, the interval should be shortened appropriately, the application frequency should be increased, and the systemic sterilization and protective fungicide should be used alternately. The fungicide has 68.75% easy to protect 1500 times liquid, 10% world high 2500-3000 times liquid, bacteria kill special 1200-1500 times liquid, 70% methyl thiophanate 800 times liquid, 800 times 80% big raw M-45 liquid 40% Fuxing 800-1000 times liquid, there are people more commonly used Bordeaux liquid. When formulating pesticides, adding a quantitative synergist and penetrant, not only the drug effect is increased, the residual effect period is long, and the rainwater is washed away, and the control effect is quite good.
3, pay attention to spray quality spray process requirements are uniform, thoughtful, comprehensive, meticulous, not only sloppy, especially pay attention to spray branches, fruits, highlight key points, leave no trouble, do their best to treat the later apple rotten fruit disease early treatment And control is at a minimum.
4. After harvesting the fruit after harvesting, before harvesting, use 2%-6% calcium chloride solution, fruit disease or bacteria poison solution to soak the fruit for 0.5-1 minutes, which can significantly reduce the series of bad fruits during storage. The probability of occurrence of a disease.

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