Lack of investment to guide the "coal boss" to hold huge sums of money to go where?

Benefiting from the rise in resource prices, the “coal boss” group has risen. Recently, some “coal bosses” who have mastered huge sums of money have reflected the lack of appropriate investment guidance. Experts believe that government departments should try to attract “coal bosses” to put funds into areas that are conducive to the transformation of economic development mode. Ample funds The Shenmu County of Shaanxi Province has abundant coal reserves. In recent years, coal prices have risen all the way, creating a group of billionaires represented by “coal bosses”. Gao Ruiting, director of the Shenma County Government Financial Office, said that the estimated total private capital of Shenmu County with “coal boss” funds is more than 30 billion yuan. In 2009, the daily average counter settlement of Shenmu County Bank reached 800 million yuan, indicating that the stock and liquidity of Shenmu County's private funds are quite large. The city of Ordos, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, adjacent to Shenmu County, also gathered a large amount of “coal capital”. Zhang Xiaoping, deputy general manager of Tianjun Industrial Group of Ordos City, which has long been concerned about the trend of private capital, said that in 2009, the total coal output of Ordos City was more than 300 million tons, and the average profit per square ton was 400 yuan per ton, and the profit per ton of coal was about 200 yuan. This means that the annual profit of the coal industry in Erdos City exceeds 60 billion yuan, and a large part of the profits enter the hands of private “coal bosses”. Shanxi, a major coal-producing province, is also rich in “coal bosses”. Since 2009, with the advancement of coal resources integration in Shanxi, a number of coal enterprises and private capital have withdrawn from the coal field, and they have a huge amount of compensation. A survey conducted by the Shanxi Banking Regulatory Department in 2009 showed that the capital of the coal industry in Shanxi Province was about 140 billion yuan. “The way out” is concerned. The investment in the coal sector attracts attention. As the country strengthens the integration of the coal industry and enhances its sense of social responsibility, many “coal bosses” began to think about the way out of funds and find new investment areas. Liu Baoguo, a coal boss who has been operating coal for more than a decade in northern Shaanxi, said that he has accumulated a certain amount of money by operating coal. However, when he saw the pollution of the coal mine, he felt that it was "disgraceful" to make money. Since 2007, he has decided to leave the coal industry and look for new investment projects. There are “coal bosses” who reflect that they are poorly aware of other industries and they are confused about other industries. They are confused when they choose their investment direction. I don’t know where to start. The investment field is often limited to a few industries such as real estate and hotel, and even more. A large amount of money is used to purchase luxury consumer goods such as luxury cars and luxury homes. In northern Shaanxi, Erdos and other places, there are limousines and off-road vehicles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars or even millions of dollars. In Shenmu County, the average price per square meter of commercial housing in the prime location of the county has reached more than 6,000 yuan, directly to the provincial capital Xi'an. The constant rise in prices in the local area has also caused complaints from the general public. Huang Zhen, a professor at the School of Law of the Central University of Finance and Economics, believes that if the funds of the “coal boss” cannot find a way out, they will have a series of problems. For example, the higher the local price, the higher the price is, making it difficult for the average person to bear. In addition, a large number of coal boss funds concentrated in a few industries such as the real estate industry, will also disrupt the normal economic order to a certain extent. Calling for reasonable guidance Tan Xiaowen, deputy mayor of Fuyang City, estimates that only the Luliang area in which Fuyang City is located has about 40 billion yuan in money in the hands of coal bosses. This is a force that cannot be ignored. If the government guides well, you can use this huge sum of money to promote local economic and social development; if it is not well guided, it will cause a lot of invalid investment and waste. Some local governments are actively guiding the investment of local “coal bosses”. In the process of developing new energy industry, Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base uses the advantages of industry and base to guide a group of “coal bosses” in northern Shaanxi to invest in solar photovoltaic and semiconductor lighting industries. The first phase of the LED project with a total investment of 450 million yuan has started. Zhao Hong, director of the Xi'an National Civil Aerospace Industry Base Management Committee, said that the development of emerging industries in various places requires huge funds. The coal bosses have a lot of money in their hands, and they must be "docking" through effective work. In addition to the active docking in the early stage, the government departments should also provide practical project operation plans to attract coal bosses to invest through meticulous work.

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