Haas ignites the passion of flying

The managers of the Ukrainian ultralight aircraft manufacturer Aeroprakt, including the two founders Oleg Lytovchenko and Yuri Yakovle, were once mechanical designers of the famous Ukrainian aviation company Antonov. In 1991, the flying clubs operated by the two became their first company, during which more than 450 aircraft were built. Four years ago, the company purchased a Haas VF-4 machine, and Alex Zhurba immediately began a new round of capacity-enhancing plans. This machine tool injected the CNC concept into Aeroprakt's design team.

“They have to change the way they think, conceive, design parts and components,” Zhurba recalls. “After reimagining the entire aircraft structure, we can finally make full use of the company's CNC machines.” Learning to use new tools is the most An important step, when Zhurba showed the entire blueprint to his designers, the designers were ready for the next step. “After a year or two of purchasing VF-4, we bought another Haas GR-512 gantry machining center,” Zhurba said. “I have to admit that this machine tool is a good helper for aircraft manufacturers. We use it to process Molds, used to make fuselage fiberglass, long-wing-related parts, etc. We cut the models from the model board and used them to make the original mold, which was made of composite material.” Zhurba also purchased A Haas super-mini milling machine that processes thousands of small parts for large parts. “I still need a TL-25 with a countershaft,” he said. “I have already placed a good order and will be available soon.”

Despite the test of the global financial crisis, Zhurba's passion for flying from Haas, Haas Automatic CNC Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. said that the total sales of Aeroprakt continued to rise. The company currently sells more than 60 items per year, including some kits and finished aircraft. “In early 2009, we launched the latest models,” he said excitedly. “The A22LS light sport aircraft is primarily aimed at the US market.”

Zhurba said, “Since we started using Haas machine tools, our manpower investment has been reduced by more than 40%. If we can continue to increase production capacity, I believe that building 100 aircraft in a year is not a problem. I can’t imagine we build more aircraft. What will be the result; the market for ultralight aircraft is not very large worldwide, at least for now."

Learning to fly can be a turning point in life. When a person is free to fly at high altitude and away from all the troubles of life, nothing is more pleasant than this. As Gonzales wrote in his book The Hero's Apprentice: When we use our knowledge and skills to successfully integrate ourselves with the entire planet and the people of the earth, we will feel our own. Zall is not a group. This is really a thing that has been done.

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