Industrial electricity price raised the profitable company's profit stock price facing "Davis double kill"

Industrial electricity prices will be raised soon! In order to alleviate the power supply shortage in some areas, curb the development of high-energy-consuming industries, and protect people's livelihood, the National Development and Reform Commission decided that since June 1, the prices of industrial and commercial and agricultural electricity in 15 provinces and cities will increase by 1.67 cents per kWh, but residents use The electricity price remains unchanged. The industry practitioners told reporters that this means that the cost pressure of manufacturing companies has further increased, and the profits of a large number of listed companies are facing further downward pressure. Broker analysts and private equity managers believe that the upcoming PMI index, and the macro data released soon, the factors related to rising pressure on corporate costs (such as PPI) may exceed CPI and become the dominant market expectation. Industrial electricity price increased by a large area   It is reported that the 15 provinces and cities involved in this tariff adjustment include Shanxi, Qinghai, Gansu, Jiangxi, Hainan, Shaanxi, Shandong, Hunan, Chongqing, Anhui, Henan, Hubei, Sichuan, Hebei, Guizhou, and 15 provinces that raise sales prices. In the city, Shanxi Province sold the most electricity price, with a maximum of 2.4 points per kWh. Sichuan Province only raised 0.4 points per kWh, with the smallest adjustment. In addition, the National Development and Reform Commission has raised the on-grid tariffs of 12 provinces since April 10. The on-grid tariffs in Anhui, Hunan and Jiangxi have been raised since June 1. The on-grid tariffs of these provinces are raised by an average of 2 points per kWh. Among them, Shanxi raised 3.09 points, the lowest price adjustment is Guizhou, the price of electricity per kWh increased by 1.24 points. The operating environment of the manufacturing industry is “adding to the worse” The industry practitioners from the steel, pharmaceutical, machinery and energy industries told the “Investment Express” that the price increase is aimed at alleviating the pressure of “electricity shortage”, but this will undoubtedly further increase the operation of manufacturing enterprises. Pressure, in the medium term, the profitability of many listed companies will be further compressed. A person familiar with the energy industry pattern believes that the current power shortage stems from the distorted pricing mechanism of “market coal” and “planned electricity”, which is not insufficient for thermal power installed capacity. In this context, it can be foreseen that only one tariff increase will not solve the problem of power shortage. Looking forward to the future, both on-grid tariffs and non-resident sales tariffs are facing further upward pressure. Pessimistically, industrial electricity prices will rise in the future. aisle. According to relevant respondents, electricity prices have a considerable weight in almost all manufacturing companies' costs, and in the heavy chemical industries such as nonferrous metals, steel, PVC, and even automobiles, the role of electricity prices is particularly important. The newspaper has previously pointed out that due to the rising cost of raw materials in the upstream, even the Chinese medicine manufacturing industry, which has always been “still decent”, faces the risk of production disruption. Now that the price of electricity is raised, it will undoubtedly further increase the operating pressure of related companies. Huijin's holdings have not been confirmed "Davis double kill" is still continuing Yesterday, the stock prices of industrial and commercial banks, Agricultural Bank and other heavyweights changed, especially ICBC closed up 3.87%. The reporter noted that rumors about "Huijin's holding four major banks" have been circulated in the market, but as of press time, there is no authoritative news to confirm that Huijin is indeed increasing its holdings of banking stocks. Analysts believe that from the recent situation in which central enterprises have been increased by major shareholders, it is entirely possible for Huijin to buy bank shares. If the news can be confirmed in the next few days, it will help ease the market panic. However, the current market volume has shrunk and the fatigue is full. Concerns about "Davis double kill" have not been eliminated. The head of a private equity fund in Shanghai believes that on the one hand, the valuation of small and medium-sized board and GEM companies is still high, and the average price-earnings ratio of the market has fallen sharply after the bubble burst. On the other hand, the monetary tightening, corporate funds are tight, and production cost pressure is unprecedented. Increase, which will lead to a decline in corporate profits, will cause listed companies' stock prices to face a double blow from the decline in price-earnings ratio and the decline in earnings per share, the so-called "Davis double kill."

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