Development and Reform Commission: Over-development of high-energy-consuming industries is an important cause of energy supply shortage

According to media reports, the relevant person in charge of the National Development and Reform Commission said yesterday (1st) that despite the current situation of tight supply of coal, electricity and oil in parts of China, it is absolutely not allowed to restrict the use of electricity to residents, otherwise it will be seriously investigated. For high-energy-consuming companies, the power supply sector cannot guarantee, and should not spare no effort to guarantee, its power supply. Li Yang, director of the Economic Development and Control Bureau of the National Development and Reform Commission, believes that the current situation of tight energy supply in some areas of China is multi-faceted. Among them, the excessive development of high-energy-consuming industries is an important reason. At present, China's coal-fired oil and gas production is in the forefront of the world. Under this circumstance, energy supply can not meet the demand, it is necessary to find more reasons from the demand side: Li Yang: mainly due to the growth of industrial and high-energy-consuming industries If the supply is tight, then it cannot be considered a supply-side problem. You should find the reason from the demand side. We have noticed that from the figures of some localities and provinces in the first quarter, GDP has increased by 10% and electricity consumption has increased by 20%. In this case, it is difficult to protect and should not be guaranteed. If we say that we will spare no effort to protect it, the consequences will be saved. What will happen? In response to the tight supply situation, Li Yang emphasized the need to maintain pressure: to protect residents' electricity consumption and to use high-energy-consuming enterprises. At present, the electricity consumption of residents only accounts for 12.9% of the total electricity consumption of the whole society. It is absolutely forbidden to impose restrictions on the electricity use of residents in various places: Li Yang: For many regions, as long as the control of extensive growth is controlled, The irrational use of electricity by high-energy-consuming enterprises, normal use of electricity, especially the electricity consumption of ordinary people can be met, so there is no reason at any time, and should not affect the electricity consumption of ordinary people. Anyone who arbitrarily stops using electricity for residents Be serious about accountability.

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