Six-see-one basis for the application of biological pesticides

First, according to the migration characteristics of pests

In the actual use of bio-pesticide, according to the migratory characteristics of pests, bio-pesticide should be used in combination with high-efficiency, low-toxicity and low-residue chemical pesticides. Because low-dose chemical pesticides are added to bio-pesticide, pest resistance can be reduced as a pathogen. The invasion of microorganisms creates conditions and the pests are infested by pathogenic microorganisms, which reduces the resistance to chemical pesticides, and the two complement each other and thus play a synergistic role.

Second, look at the sky

The use of biological pesticides is greatly affected by environmental factors. Therefore, the practical application of biological pesticides from spraying plants to insects for feeding or contacting bacteria requires a certain period of time, and feeding from pests to death also requires a process that is susceptible to external influence during this period. The most influential factors are temperature, humidity, light and wind. Temperature not only acts on biological insecticide spores but also on the pest itself and thus affects the pathogenicity and toxicity of pathogenic microorganisms; humidity has a direct relationship with the propagation and spread of biological insecticide spores. And killing pests; ultraviolet rays in the sun have a lethal killing effect on spores. Therefore, try to avoid strong light when applying. If the effect is better after 4 pm, the wind plays a vital role in the drift and diffusion of the biological pesticide. Applying powder under breeze works best.

Third, look at the land

The effects of biological pesticides in different regions are also different. China's vast regions are more diverse. The south is humid and rainy. The north and west regions are dry and drier. Biological pesticides can only be most effective when they meet the best conditions for their lives. On the one hand, it is necessary to increase the amount of water sprayed in arid areas to create a high-humidity environment that is easy to survive and multiply microbial spores; on the other hand, it is possible to add some specific high molecular substances and substances that increase the viscosity of the solution, such as starch, to the preparation. Animal bone glue, grass ash leaching solution, etc. can reduce the evaporation of the deposition liquid sprayed by the carrier to avoid the occurrence of rapid drying and thereby improve the use effect of the biological pesticide.

Fourth, see the worm

Pests are the target of biological pesticides. Different methods for the use of pests and biological pesticides of different types and characteristics are also different. Pests have different developmental stages in their life. Different stages of development have different resistance to bio-insecticides. Therefore, understanding the development stage of pests is very necessary for prevention and control. For example, the life cycle of the cabbage caterpillar can be divided into three different developmental stages: egg, larva, cockroach, and moth. The egg stage has egg shell protection. The larvae protect the aged larvae and have a thick wax layer to protect the insects from flying. . Therefore, only when the application of the young larvae is selected, the effect of the biological pesticides can be fully exerted to meet the requirements of "governing small and early treatment". In addition, according to the characteristics of pest feeding, different types of bio-insecticides such as bt are used to spread the lepidopteran pests. After spraying, they are distributed on the surface of the plants to make the pests feed or touch the dead, but the pests that suck the juice (such as cockroaches) Class) is ineffective and avermectin works very well on aphids.

Fifth, look at the machinery

In practice, most spray systems are inefficient in practice. Usually, the application of crops directly from top to bottom causes a large amount of pesticides to accumulate on the top leaves of the crop. Other pesticides are lost in the soil, especially when the droplets are large. The loss is even greater. At the same time, due to the high cost of biopesticide production, the drug technology should be optimized. The use of high-performance spray machinery is imperative, such as the use of mist sprays with the nozzles of the fan-shaped air nozzles to spray small droplets and evenly reduce the spray potential drift and allow smaller droplets to be sprayed onto the desired target leaf. Improve the control of biological pesticides and reduce production costs.

Six, see the dosage form

The control effect of biological pesticides is often closely related to the dosage form and use technology. Therefore, when using bio-pesticide, the correct dosage form should be selected according to the control object, meteorological conditions and use period to achieve the maximum control effect. For example, the powder can be dispersed in a large range by means of air buoyancy and wind force to have greater contact with pests. For pests with a large amount of edible leaves, such as cabbage caterpillar, a method of adding a wettable powder to a suspension of water can be used as a suspension method. The effect of the dusting method is worse. Capsules not only have a long-term effect, but also protect the pathogens from environmental factors and can be used in greenhouses.

Seven, look at the variety

In the actual use of biological pesticides, many people do not fully understand the nature of biological pesticides. They mistakenly believe that bio-insecticides can kill all pests and thus purchase them indiscriminately. Otherwise, they will not receive the same effect. Production costs increase the difficulty of prevention and control and delays in prevention and control. In fact, the specificity of biocides is very strong. The insecticidal spectrum is not as broad as Bacillus thuringiensis (bt) is effective against lepidopteran larvae and not fatal to the leafhoppers of the same winged species. There are also differences in the control of important pests. Therefore, suitable bio-pesticide varieties should be selected in a targeted manner for different target pests.
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