Characteristics and related precautions of fungicide copper hydroxide

Pesticide fungicide copper hydroxide (Feng Hu An, can kill, Coke 2000, can kill 101, crown copper) characteristics:
1. Pesticide Fungicide The active ingredient of copper hydroxide is blue gelatinous or amorphous blue powder. The spherical acupuncture-type particles composed of six carbon copper ions can quickly adhere to the surface of the crop and have long-lasting effect. Low toxicity to higher animals. It is a broad-spectrum fungicide that uniformly covers the surface of plants by releasing copper ions to prevent the invasion of fungal spores. When the cells of the bacteria contact the copper ions, they are killed and have no effect on the plants, so it is a A pesticide that has no residue and no pollution.
2. Formulation 53.8%, 61.4% dry suspension, 77% can kill 101 powder.
3. Control objects and techniques Copper hydroxide can prevent and cure fungal and bacterial diseases on a variety of crops, and is suitable for leaf spot disease, anthracnose, early (late) disease, blight, downy mildew and other diseases of melons. In the early stage of the disease, spray with 53.8% dry suspension agent 1000 times, or 77% can kill 101 powder 500-1 000 times. Because of its excellent solubility, diffusivity and suspensibility, it can control the spread of diseases after being applied once every 10 days. In adverse weather conditions, multiple applications should be considered. For the control of blight, 77% can kill 101 powder 500-600 times liquid root.
Pesticide fungicide copper hydroxide Note: 1 peach, plum and other fruit trees should be disabled sensitive to copper, apple, pear flower, young fruit period is prohibited. 2 must be used alone to avoid mixing with other pesticides. 3 It should be carried out in the early stage of crop application, and the effect is poor in the late stage of the disease, and it should be used with caution during flowering. 4 Toxic to fish and aquatic organisms, should avoid contamination of water by liquid.

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